After 16 months of development oOh!Media is ramping up the number internal users on its new trading platform over the next few weeks.

The out of home advertising company built the platform in-house to allow its sales staff to sell its digital assets faster and with more flexibility.

Ooh!Media now has 8,000 digital panels and 12,000 classic panels and, around 60 per cent of its revenue comes from digital.

“Obviously there has been a trend of physical classic assets being digitised. The business realised that those new digital assets can be sold in a more flexible way,” Andy McQuarrie, CTO of oOh!Media told Which-50 during an interview in between sessions at the AWS Summit last week.

Built on Amazon Web Services, the new platform will replace oOh!Media’s existing legacy platforms used internally by its salespeople.

Developed with design-led thinking, the platform has a clean and intuitive UI with data-driven decision making in the back end, McQuarrie said. It enables an out of home campaign to be bought with 10 clicks or less.

“The reason we are enabling the ‘10 clicks or less’ is really to allow them [salespeople] to spend more time in market. One of the things we are really trying to drive into the business is the idea of the AI co-worker that will do all the heavy lifting.”

Soon 100 per cent of the company’s revenue will be derived from a cloud-native platform. For a company the size of oOh!Media all this would not have been possible five years ago, McQuarrie says.

“If it hadn’t been for a public cloud like Amazon, that just wouldn’t have been possible, because the investment in infrastructure and software would have essentially killed the business case before we started.”

The business is also in the early stages of developing machine learning models which can accurately model its base sales and operational performance.

As well as examining the business performance, oOh!Media is using ML models to provide advertisers with audience insights to make their ad buys more effective based on time and location data.

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