Workers are relying on a greater number of apps to help them do their jobs and often double dip by purchasing best-of-breed apps in addition to software bundles with similar tools, according to a new report from Okta. 

Okta’s sixth annual Businesses @ Work report, released today, uses anonymised data from the company’s 7,400 customers and more than 6,500 cloud, mobile and web app integrations, to identify workplace app and technology trends.

The report (which is only representative of Okta’s customers) shows companies around the world are increasingly investing in apps and tools focused on security, data, and app development. 

The average number of apps per user has risen to 88, up from 83 a year ago. This year 10 per cent of Okta’s customers now use 200 apps or more to power productive, secure collaboration. 

“Okta has been producing this report for six years, and in that time, we’ve seen technology evolve to offer users maximum productivity and flexibility. We expect to see more and more specialised and customisable apps driving greater efficiency, and enabling companies to do their best work through the next decade,” said Graham Sowden, General Manager, Okta APAC. 

Microsoft 365 remains the most popular app by number of users, extending its lead over Salesforce and G Suite. 

Developer tools such as the Atlassian Product Suite, AWS and GitHub have risen to the top of the list. The report notes that social media apps LinkedIn and Twitter have dropped off the top of the list from six years ago, while collaboration tools Zoom and Slack have quickly risen in popularity. 

Okta Business@Work 2020 report
Source: Okta [email protected] 2020 report

According to the report, more so than ever before customers are “double-dipping” by purchasing best-of-breed apps in addition to bundles. 78 per cent of Okta’s Office 365 customers have adopted one or more best-of-breed apps with the same functionality as the Office 365 suite, up from 76 per cent last year. 

Customers increasingly invest in multiple bundles: over 30 per cent of Okta’s Office 365 customers now deploy G Suite as well. 

Data- and security-focused apps such as Snowflake, Atlassian Opsgenie and Splunk made the list of the fastest growing apps this year. 

The report also noted the security apps are on the rise as people become companies’ perimeter and bad actors attack individuals rather than networks. According to the report, KnowBe4 and Mimecast — tools focused on securing email against phishing attacks — made the most-adopted security tools list.

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