The NSW Government has proposed radical reforms to the state’s transport pricing, suggesting a subscription model “like Netflix”. The model would involve a recurring fee covering both public and private transport including road tolls and ride sharing companies, according to NSW Transport Minister Andrew Constance.

“I envisage a subscription service for transport – like Netflix,” Constance told an AFR Infrastructure Summit in Melbourne this morning.

“You sign up for a nominal fee each week or month and all the different pricing for public or private providers is built into it – whether that be an Uber, a ride-share car, a bicycle or a Metro.”

Constance, a former president of the NSW Young Liberals and corporate affairs consultant for Microsoft, said the role of government in the future is to link citizens with transport services rather than provide the services, according to reports of his speech.

NSW Transport Minister Andrew Constance. Source: Twitter.

He also called on the federal government to bring back its asset recycling program to fund future infrastructure projects.

“In a country the size of Australia, without privatisation there cannot be the scale of the infrastructure we need now and into the future.”

Constance later told the ABC the proposed changes to transport pricing were likely to happen in the next 15-25 years.

Constance has already presided over the privatisation of some of Sydney’s buses, a move slammed by transport unions and so far delivering a worse performance. He has also been accused of “fudging figures” on Newcastle bus performance after claiming it had improved after network changes, an assertion challenged by Opal card data and local MPs.

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