When Adobe bought Magento for almost $US1.7 billion in May it answered one question – how would Adobe fill its glaring e-commerce hole,  but raised another one, at least amongst the Magento installed based.

When we interviewed Magento customers at the time, they understood how Magento’s enterprise product made sense for Adobe, but there were concerns about the popular community product which is a mainstay amongst the smaller and mid-tier e-commerce and retail world, and whether Adobe felt this was also a good fit.

They also had questions about Adobe would deal with the open source development community from which Magento draws much of its energy.

The response for instance of Nathan Huppatz, the co-founder at costumes.com.au was typical,  “The big question is what will Adobe do with the product. I can see where Magento’s enterprise product fits into Adobe based on Adobe’s public statements, but less so the Community product which is very popular.”

At the time Huppatz told noted there are 10’s of thousands of online stores around the world built on the Magento community product.

In Sydney this week for the local Adobe Symposium, Brad Rencher Executive VP and GM digital marketing addressed the issue head-on in an interview with Which-50 (the full interview will be published Monday).

The strong impression Rencher provides is that Adobe sees both the enterprise and community products as part of its plans going forward and that it intends to continue to draw on the expertise of the open source community.

Rencher Told Which-50,”They [The employees] bring a passion for this ‘orange culture’ that is shared not only by the employees of the company but across the entire ecosystem of Magento. This is a product and a community that is very proud about driving innovation, [and] being able to solve use cases in commerce that are unique to the company and the community.”

Adobe Summit opens in Sydney today and is expected to draw almost 4000 attendees.

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