Nine has launched an addressable advertising solution which will allow advertisers to target viewers on its broadcast video on demand (BVOD) platform, 9Now.

Nine’s BVOD platform requires viewers to log in and now has a database of 6.5 million user IDs. Marketers and advertisers can target those users based on age, sex and location.

Today’s announcement is the first stage of Nine’s addressability solution. A further enhanced rollout with deeper and more targeted audience segments will commence in 2019. The initial stage will give marketers cross-device targeting on video and be available through both direct sales and programmatic, via the Telaria platform.

“Over the past two and half years we have built a powerful data asset containing 6.5 million IDs which has allowed us to be the first media business in Australia to offer addressability at scale in a premium, brand-safe environment,” said Michael Stephenson, Nine’s Chief Sales Officer.

Nine’s Commercial Director – Digital Sales, Pippa Leary, said today’s launch was recognition of the appetite in the market for real addressability based on an at-scale database of declared User IDs.

“Without declared data you are simply targeting cookies and devices – this is not true addressability,” Leary said. “Cookies and devices don’t buy goods and services, people do. That is why our solution does not use inferred data, only declared data from real Australians, making it a truly people-based marketing solution.

Channel 7 launched its addressable TV product late last year, which allows video ads to be targeted to consumers watching Seven’s live streaming and video on demand content. Unlike Nine, Seven doesn’t require users to sign up to view content on 7Plus, but users can log in, giving the broadcaster access to first party data.

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