Nine Entertainment will allow advertisers to dynamically insert ads into programs being live streamed, as TV broadcasters move closer to digital advertising techniques.

Nine began its rollout of dynamic ad insertion with the Hopman Cup and the Brisbane International, with more than one million addressable ads already served to users signed in on its streaming platform, 9Now.

The broadcaster is also offering a range of new behavioural segments, via its data partnerships, allowing marketers to target ads on 9Now. For example, marketers can identify small SUV buyers in the auto category, using exclusive data from Car Advice, or credit card and home loan intenders, using data supplied by Equifax.

Nine plans to continue to roll out similar “intender” segments in the important verticals of FMCG, retail and travel throughout 2019.

“The launch of new behavioural segments in 9Now, our unique data partnerships and our seven million signed-in users gives Nine the clear leadership position in addressable advertising in Australia,” said Pippa Leary Nine’s Director – sales strategy and product commercialisation.

From January 28 Nine’s streaming platform 9Now will be fully integrated with its ad buying tool 9Galaxy. This will allow advertisers to buy Nine’s audiences seamlessly across linear television and 9Now in one transaction.

The advertising changes have been made ahead of the first major events in its content calendar for 2019, the Australian Open and reality TV show Married at First Sight.

“Whether our audience consumes our content live or on demand it won’t matter. Not only will we be able to reach them, but advertisers will be able to target them, and we will deliver the audience in one simple transaction without a single makegood,” said Nine’s Chief Sales Officer, Michael Stephenson.

Since its launch in 2017, 9Galaxy has transacted more than 30 per cent of all available inventory, that is able to be traded dynamically, being served through the platform.

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