Nespresso Australia, a division of global food giant Nestle is trialing XR (Shared Reality) technology  from Innovation Chapel that makes it easier for staff to learn together about its range of coffee products.

In a statement, Nespresso said the project involves Innovation Chapel’s shared reality (XR) learning and development platform. It is designed to enable staff to undertake group product learning in an immersive and interactive environment.

The platform adds shared, interactive projection to any table or horizontal surface. The Nespresso-specific interactive content provides learning and interactive experiences to teach staff about where and how Nespresso sources and makes its coffee.

The Innovation Chapel-developed TBL XR platform creates interactive augmented reality experiences for a group of up to ten people, without the need for headsets or screens. The interactions don’t require participants to touch any surfaces, making it COVID-safe as well as a shared and immersive experience.

Nespresso Learning and Development Manager Dani Wylie said Nespresso was always looking for new ways to bring its sustainable coffee story to life for its customers. A key part of the technology trial is to educate their own employees beyond the computer screen.

“It’s really exciting to see how we can innovate our existing programs to bring exceptional levels of interaction and immersion into Nespresso training,” said Wylie. “Our ambition is always to help people become better storytellers and to learn in fun, new ways as a team.”

Wylie added: “From bean to cup, we are truly excited to be part of such an innovative story-telling experience that allows our staff, and by extension our customers to get closer than ever to the journey of their cup of Nespresso.”

The technology solution enables its staff to use smell, touch, and teamwork to navigate the world of coffee together and this, Nespresso believes, will help elevate even further how staff are able to relay those experiences to customers.

Innovation Chapel Co-Founder Jonas Lembke

The Innovation Chapel’s Co-Founder Jonas Lembke said the company’s TBL XR platform is already proving its ability to enable Nespresso staff to learn about their products via the magic of this new group interactive experience.

“The platform we are testing has multiple applications for companies in learning and development, and staff training as well as customer-facing retail environments, showrooms, and malls,” said Lembke. “TBL XR uses a mix of voice and group gesture recognition to create new and extremely immersive methods of shared digital and interactive information.”

Lembke added: “This has been, and continues to be, a formidable technical challenge. We have made group interactive projection a reality, and we can now augment a VR experience for a shared training session. It has been a chance to realise a dream we have had for a while and Nespresso provided the opportunity.”

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