NAB has invested in health-tech startup Medipass Solutions to build a new digital platform that makes it easier for customers to find a healthcare practitioner, get an upfront cost estimate, make an appointment and take care of payment or claiming for the consultation.

The platform, which is currently in testing and development, connects patients to practitioners and to health funds while also leveraging the current HICAPS system (NAB-owned payment/claiming solution).

Medipass Solutions emerged from start-up Localz who won NAB Labs’ inaugural Hackathon in December 2014. NAB Ventures has made an investment in the new entity Medipass Solutions.

NAB has been working with Medibank and a handful of small health practitioners since late last year to test the platform. A full market launch is planned for mid-2017.

Executive general manager NAB labs Jonathan Davey described the platform as “delivering an ‘Uber-like’ approach to the way patients, practitioners and health funds integrate.”

“Our solution makes it easy for patients to find a practitioner, see their availability, make an appointment, receive an upfront estimate on the costs and make a payment after consultation,” Davey said.

“We will shortly broaden testing to further practitioners and we will work with more health insurers to bring to fruition the full benefits this service can offer.”

Medipass Solutions co-founder Pete Williams said: “There are currently no products in market the same as the one we are creating; providing customers with a better experience, more transparency, added flexibility and improved trust.”

“We’re really re-imagining the healthcare customer experience, for patients, practitioners and health funds, creating one that is entirely digital, simpler to navigate and instantly accessible.”

For practitioners and health funds, digital bookings and electronic claiming and payments reduce administration burden and manual processing, freeing up time for value-adding activities and more time with patients.

The platform will also facilitate reminder notices, updates on bookings and other useful functions for patients ahead of their appointment once they’ve booked to see a practitioner. Post consultation, patients can instantly claim health insurance benefits and pay only the gap portion using their mobile.

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