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It's time to prepare for the supply chain oft he future.

Companies who have made significant and successful investments in their digital supply chain are pulling ahead of their competitors in terms of profitability according to research by Boston Consulting Group. The management consulting group found that such companies have 40 per cent to 110 per cent higher operating margins and

Digital disruption is pushing the global banking sector to a tipping point, according to a major study by financial sector giant Citi. In the report, from Citi’s Global Perspectives and Solutions Group, the authors say developments in FinTech are driving the change — and they note the accelerated investment in digital-based services.

The traditional retail banking model based on the transaction/branch-based banking model is dying, and in future retail banking will be fully automated. That’s the view of 203 senior retail banking executives across the globe who were surveyed by The Economist’s Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU) for a report called “In Tech

At the end of February, the news broke that Google was making a major change to the search engine results page (SERP) for desktop searches. The sense of chaos was palpable. Would CPCs skyrocket? Would users lose themselves in the now-vacant white space on their screens, contemplating eternity and fractional

Big data is like a chronic disease — we are just going to have to live with it forever, says Jay Calavas, Chief Innovation Officer at Tealium. Calavas, Tealium employee number five and a long term stalwart of the digital marketing sector, was speaking to Which-50 during a recent visit

Perhaps it’s time to consider the digital mortgage. Two thirds of millennials would rather visit the dentist than go through the mortgage process, according to recent research by ING. It’s a startling revelation, and indication indeed that the home loan application experience leaves a lot to be desired. If we

With the word “digital” peaking in the hype cycle, organisations realise that “digital” is critical to everything they do. Little wonder, then, that every IT vendor is cloaking their products as “digital”. All of this urgently prompts the question: what exactly is digital, and why is it any different? To

Almost half of the companies surveyed for a global study on the impact of digital disruption believe the majority of their revenues well be digital-dependent by 2020. Yet most lack confidence that their own organisations are equipped for the challenge. The study, sponsored by global leader in executive search Odgers

How do business analysts and data scientists differ? Where does the analyst end and the data scientist begin. With regard to how a business analyst might use visualisation compared to a data scientist, the biggest difference you would see is not technical skill but the thought process. Business analysts are

The building industry should take note. Google has recently begun making its long anticipated self-3D mapping software Project Tango, available to developers interested in using the platform as a foundation for software and apps for their tablet. Tango’s sensors and camera generate augmented and 3-D virtual reality (AR/VR) renderings into