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Banks and Telco’s in Australia overwhelming believe they are doing a good job getting to know their customers. Their customers disagree virulently. That is one of our key take outs from a new study by Redshift Research and Pegasystems into how well equipped local banks and telcos are for dealing

Jodie Sangster, CEO of ADMA, is urging Australian incumbents to “stop investing in technology if you’ve not got a strategy” and instead focus on delivering a great customer experience by getting the basics right. Sangster, who is speaking on day one of B&T’s Daze of Disruption event, hosted by The

Customers often have simple needs. Unfortunately that simplicity can look very complex underneath the hood. Whatever the business, customers increasingly demand the opportunity to engage with brands on a variety of devices and across channels including in-store, web, smartphones, tablets, laptops, and even connected devices in the burgeoning Internet of

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Australian marketers might like to keep a sharp eye on mobile advertising trends in the US right now. This year it is estimated the mobile ad spending will constitute a majority of the digital ad spend after a strong, nearly 60 percent growth over the last 12 months. With Australia

Teradata’s decision to withdraw from the marketing tech race, after building the business for several years has surprised market analysts. The question is whether this will presage a rush for the exit for some of the second tier marketing cloud vendors, or whether it is simply unique to the company’s

Companies increasingly recognise that they must participate in the digital economy in the same way as they did in the web economy during the past decade. Critical to their success is an ability to unlock the value contained n their internal systems and data. Often that is easy said than

Nothing so well describes the velocity of the shift of marketing dollars into mobile as the trajectory of growth on Facebook in recent years. As we have explained before, at the time of its prospectus Facebook flagged its lack of a mobile strategy or any mobile earnings as a risk

Stories that write themselves, toasters that call customer support, and digital vandalism all caught the imagination of the digerati this week, courtesy of Gartner’s top ten digital predictions. Each week Which-50 and KINSHIP digital study the global social stream to identify most influential social chatter around digital research. This week

A small cluster of international banks — including two Australians — has pulled away from its peers when it comes to delivering mobile banking.That’s the view of Forrester Research, which earlier this year analysed the efforts of 41 banks internationally across seven ceriteria including enrollment and login, account information, transactional functionality,

A study by the University of Michigan has found that users of photo sharing platform Snapchat are happier than people who use Facebook. The study assessed how 154 students feel about using social media throughout the day, with questions like “How pleasant or unpleasant was your most recent interaction?” and “How close