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Blockchain research by the CSIRO marks a significant turn around in the attitude of the Australian government to cryptocurrency. Data61, a research unit of the CSIRO, has announced a collaborative project with agencies including the Treasury to examine the potential of blockchain technology to improve outcomes and service delivery for

Tomorrow’s marketers need to move fast, learn fast, fail fast and — most importantly — thrive in this intense world, according to Marketo CEO Phil Fernandez. “Yesterday’s marketer was a support function for someone else,” he told the 5400 delegates in attendance at the company’s Marketing Nation event in Las Vegas. Subscribe

Life used to be so easy for retail banks and their CEOs. Hogan provided your core banking, Cisco took care of your networking and no one, but no one ever got fired for buying IBM. These days however, banks face such intense pressure to increase efficiencies and reduce costs while

Customers want consolidation, Oracle CEO Mark Hurd tells Which-50. And they are likely to get plenty of it for some time yet as companies like Oracle, Adobe and Salesforce jockey for leadership in the rapidly emerging marketing cloud space. The marketing tech sector saw a wave of rapid and ever-escalating

Beware of the obvious, it’s not always right. That’s the lesson from a piece of research into in-store customer experiences released by consumer retail research outfit iModerate last month. The study, called “Bricks and Mortars Stores, Nice or need to Have?”, reveals that the most online savvy of shoppers — younger

Adblocking is finding a receptive audience down under. In a very serious wake up call for Australia’s traditional and digital media companies who still rely heavily on display, a global survey by Accenture has found that Australian consumers have some of the most intensely negative views towards digital advertising and its impact

The evolution of disruptive technologies is testing the boundaries of global markets and regulation, so understanding how they work is critical. Digital disruption is capturing the attention of everyone with an interest in the finance industry. Regulators globally are facing new challenges, which essentially come down to: how do we

You think you have a content management challenge? Each year Telstra runs its Vantage conference for business and enterprise customers. Over 4000 guests attend during the three days of the event and between them they consume as many as 150 presentations. It is a huge undertaking requirement sophisticated oversight and a

Companies who have made significant and successful investments in their digital supply chain are pulling ahead of their competitors in terms of profitability according to research by Boston Consulting Group. The management consulting group found that such companies have 40 per cent to 110 per cent higher operating margins and

Digital disruption is pushing the global banking sector to a tipping point, according to a major study by financial sector giant Citi. In the report, from Citi’s Global Perspectives and Solutions Group, the authors say developments in FinTech are driving the change — and they note the accelerated investment in digital-based services.