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Marketing technology (martech) and advertising technology (adtech) are being drawn together after two decades of parallel evolution. What is driving the trend and what are the implications? Which-50 investigates.

Six years ago, Malcolm Alder was a senior member of the KPMG-McKinsey team that wrote the original NBN Implementation Study. Cloud was mentioned only three times. Big data, IOT, blockchain and the sharing economy not at all. Here he visits the use cases with a contemporary perspective. With the recent

Revenue and return on investment now outpace traditional web metrics like page views or email open rates for CMOs, according to a study. And the leading-edge consumers of marketing technology are pulling ahead of theirs peers on these measures. Such a result may seem self evident, but even as recently

The role of chief digital officer (CDO) is opening the door to the c-suite for women. Both strategic and technical, the CDO role is one that women appear to be fully embracing. At last we have some good news about the number of women in IT. As someone who is

By 2021 marketing leaders will spend 75 per cent of their budget in digital channels according to a new report from Salesforce. Traditional channels meanwhile are shrinking away to irrelevancy. The study is based on a global survey of 4000 marketing leaders worldwide. Subscribe today: Sign up for  Which-50’s Irregular Insights newsletter The

Digital transformation means rethinking not only how you prioritise programs, but also the way you plan and fund them, says ANZ Chief Operating Officer Alistair Currie. He made his comments in an interview with Which-50 at the recent Pegaworld conference in Las Vegas. Subscribe today: Sign up for  Which-50’s Irregular

In the final part of an eight-part series on leadership in the digital age, Malcolm Alder  turn the spotlight on a diverse range of Australasian and American digital success stories. These seven organisations have deliberately been chosen to showcase a cross-section by size, industry, ownership, starting position and duration to date, for

Podcasting is not the new black. Podcasting is not growing up, nor having its Golden Age. Podcasting is doing just fine, doing what it has always done: serving up tightly focussed content to self-selecting niche audiences. The witless hysteria of recent weeks, mostly inspired by a New York Times article,

Corporate recruiters have a very important and difficult job.  They predict who will be a top performer in certain roles and protect against non-performers getting inside the business ecosystem. We rely on their ability to make constant snap judgments to move a candidate into the interview process or not.  A

Influencer marketing die-hards got a hint of changes to come last September, when the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and multi-channel advertiser Machinima Inc. reached a settlement regarding improper disclosures made by paid YouTube influencers in support of Microsoft’s Xbox One release. Recently, however, the FTC issued its final consent order