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Few industries have been as fundamentally — even ruinously — disrupted by digital technology as the news media. The transition from hard copy to online appeared to promise wondrous opportunities for venerable publishing houses to further increase their power and market reach. The whole world lay open to them. Star columnists

AGL Energy, which was founded almost 180 years ago and is today one of Australia’s biggest utilities with over three million customers, has put digital transformation at the heart of its 2017 corporate strategy. In his presentation to investors at the annual general meeting this week, CEO Andrew Vesey highlighted

Hype, by definition should make us all a little wary. Gartner Hype Cycles are designed to help sift, sort and qualify hype and manage our attraction to all those bright shiny marketing objects. The ultimate aim is to support decisions on where your valuable attention and marketing resources should be

Marketers who combine programmatic media targeting with dynamic creative optimisation (DCO) generally get the best performance, however there’s a problem. Confusion abounds in the digital advertising ecosystem about who controls what when both strategies are combined. “This is the result of the many components that make up programmatic advertising campaigns,”

Nearly all of the Chief Strategy Officers (CSOs) surveyed by Accenture  around the world say  digital disruption will reshape their industries. Very few however are equipped to navigate the change. That’s a key finding from a study called ‘Thriving on Disruption’,  by the Accenture Institute for High Performance. According to Paul Nunes,

Retail banks have the potential to realize $405.3 Billion in value from 2015 to 2017 from the smart application of digital transformation. The figures are contained in a new research from Cisco Research titled “Roadmap to Digital Value in the Retail Banking Industry”. Yet, in 2015, financial services as a whole captured just

Westpac is the world leader in mobile banking functionality, according to a global rating from Forrester Research.  In Forrester’s annual Global Mobile Banking Benchmark, the bank — one of Australia’s Big Four — scored an impressive 86 out of 100 in the evaluation. The global industry average was 65. It was just

Over the past 30+ years, businesses have spent billions on talent assessments. Many of these are now being used to understand job candidates.  Increasingly, businesses are asking how (or if) a predictive talent acquisition strategy can include the use of pre-hire assessments?  As costs of failed new hires continue to

Most Australian car owners say their main car reflects their personality. For marketers far beyond the automotive industry, that is a powerful insight — because as you drill deeper into that idea, a simple thought manifests itself in very interesting ways. Audi drivers, for instance, enjoy their gin — but

Advertisers who exclude mobile video from their campaigns are missing a huge and unique audience opportunity according to a study by Nielsen and Tremor Video Just as importantly, the qualities of this distinct audience differ considerably from that on the desktop. Subscribe today: Sign up for  Which-50’s Irregular Insights newsletter Called