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CMOs and marketing leaders often see their campaign spending proposals float through budget meetings with little scrutiny, only to find much smaller requests for development attract painful and often irrational attention. A big part of the problem is that marketers have become much better at describing and validating digital marketing

Sydney,Australia - February 20, 2016: A QANTAS Boeing 737 taxies towards the terminal after landing at the city's airport. QANTAS is the flag carrier for Australia.

Three years ago were turbulent times for Qantas, as the airline undertook a major transformation programme to restructure cost. Despite the rough ride, the firm never lost sight of its customer while laying the foundation for change. Under the stewardship of chief marketing officer, Stephanie Tully Qantas re-platformed their digital

The Australian marketing and advertising world remains sharply divided over viewability and still cannot even agree on the basics of definition, despite global standards on the issue being clear. With Google and Facebook pretty much writing their own rules, it might look a bit like the rounding errors fighting over

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You shouldn’t use an agency for something your business does 52 weeks a year. That’s according to Damian Young, general manager — marketing at Chobani in Australia, who has overseen bringing in-house the brand’s promo team, social media and, most recently, its market research and customer feedback. Sign up for Which-50’s

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Welcome to the launch of Which-50’s podcast initiative. We are running our first four podcasts as part of the ADMA Brightest Minds series. Sign up for Which-50’s Irregular Insights newsletter Brand safety is much in the news of late, with Google’s well-documented problems on Youtube filling the marketing technology headlines

“The most complex technology project in our history.” That is how Chris Daniels, the former head of digital transformation at Sydney Opera House describes the reality of the iconic Australian’s transformation programme. The Sydney Opera House is one of the world’s busiest performing arts centre and Australia’s number one tourist

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Many companies know they must adopt artificial intelligence to automate processes and increase efficiencies to remain competitive. However, in a rush to adopt and leverage new technologies in the endless race to be innovative, the noise of the stampede may have drowned out what real benefits AI directly brings to

More CEOs are being sacked for ethical lapses thanks to increased public scrutiny and accountability of executives. Turnovers due to ethical lapses rose from 3.9 per cent of all successions in 2007–11 to 5.3 per cent in 2012–16 — a 36 per cent increase, according to the 2016 CEO Success

Digital transformation could unlock US$190 billion in value across the mining industry over the next 10 years. That’s according to an analysis by the World Economic Forum with Accenture Strategy, titled Mining and Metals Digital Transformation and the industry’s ‘new normal.’ Sign up for Which-50’s Irregular Insights newsletter And according

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This week we’re thinking about marketing technology as we prep for our third sensational Gartner Digital Marketing Conference in San Diego. Specifically, we’re asking: What is marketing technology (aka martech), exactly? And: Does it belong in the same hub/cloud/stack as adtech? A few years ago, it became somewhat common to hear