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Smart CMOs are taking responsibility for customer experience but their companies are often ill equipped to cope with radical change argues marketing guru and Simple Chairman, Andy Lark. Lark, who has stints as the CMO of businesses like Commbank and Xero under his belt said “Smart CMOs are really talking about owning


Empowered consumers are pushing Australian organisations towards digital transformation, according to a new report by Forbes Insights. The report “How to Win at Digital Transformation: Insights from a Global Survey of Top Executives” found 58 per cent of Australian respondents identified changing customer expectations as the biggest external driver of

Google, Facebook. Facebook, Google, let’s call the whole thing off. Last week the IAB released its quarterly approximation of online ad spend. It suggested that the shift of budgets into online advertising continues unabated as does the unparalleled migration in media wealth from local players like Fairfax to international dotcoms

 GroupM, the media investment management group of WPP yesterday launched [m]PLATFORM, which is designed to allow its clients to link hundreds of disparate data sources and track consumers around the web. A cursory reading of responses on LinkedIn shows the news has generated a lot of excitement from marketers around the

Alibaba officially launched its cloud business in Australia today, but the Chinese internet giant says it isn’t here to take on Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure. Well, not yet anyway. Last week Alibaba revealed it was opening a data centre in Sydney and setting up a dedicated workforce based

For all the discussion around marketing automation lately there are still some widely held misconceptions, according to a an Oracle Marketing Cloud and Demand Gen report. Marketing automation is fast becoming a competitive necessity for many companies.  The report finds that, while many organisations have found success implementing the strategy,

Bank branches and customers

The global banking industry is on the brink of disruption as consumers are driven away from traditional brick-and-mortar retail bank branches and automated teller machines (ATMs) and into the arms (and apps) of new fintech services. That’s the view of Karan Sachdeva Sales Leader Big Data Analytics APAC, IBM who says millennials


Forget artificial intelligence and machine learning, getting mobile right should be marketers’ primary focus in 2017. That’s the view of Maureen Morris, Head of Industry Sales Strategy and Insights at Google. “The truth of the matter is, we often get distracted by the shiny. Especially in marketing. You want to

Fear of viruses and a lousy user experience are two of the main reasons almost 30 per cent of Australians have installed ad blockers. That’s the finding of new piece of research from the IAB and Pureprofile. So obviously, some of the IAB’s members want to punish consumers by “customer-blocking”

Some business leaders fear their company is so far behind it may never be able to catch-up and should not try. Instead they wonder if they could skip a digital development level and leapfrog both traditional and born-digital competitors. As an abstract strategy idea, it is hopeful and attractive —