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Every business needs a well-articulated marketing strategy, strategic direction, a great vision, and a detailed execution plan. That’s just the baseline required for businesses to become and remain successful. However, planning alone obviously isn’t enough. Every business needs a creative marketing execution team, coordinated by a senior executive, to keep


Japanese industrial giant Hitachi is making a big play for the IoT market, hoping to align its 106-year heritage in operational technology (OT) with its 57 years of information technology (IT). Download the CMO of Tomorrow report produced by the Which-50 Intelligence Unit Hitachi Limited has more than 900 subsidiaries with expertise

Data strategy

Enterprise data strategies are closely connected to digital transformation and vendors must “connect the dots” between their products and generating real business value. That’s the view of Russell Skingsley, Chief Technology Officer, Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) Asia Pacific. As it adjusts to the commoditisation of the storage market, HDS is moving up

Every year, Gartner for Marketing Leaders follows the money, reporting on how marketing leaders allocate and prioritize their spending—and, by extension, how they telegraph what really matters. Gartner just published its 2016-2017 CMO Spend Survey (subscription required). The first reaction to our annual study is simple: marketing matters. In fact,

The move of marketing tech platform providers like Oracle, Adobe and Salesforce into adtech has been well documented. Less well understood is the traffic in the other direction. AdRoll’s release of SendRoll marks an important moment in the interplay between marketing and advertising technology. Here is an example of one

The disconnect between IT and marketing has been endlessly remarked upon, but less attention is given to another critical partnership. That between marketing and the data scientists. According to Tim Whitfield, “There is a very big disconnect between the science of attribution and the statisticians who build the models, and

In the field of attribution if you’re trying to get to perfection, you’re going to be disappointed. That’s the view of Adam Berke, president and CMO of AdRoll, the world’s largest retargeting platform who tells Which-50, “Attribution is not necessarily about being 100 percent right. It’s about being less wrong.” According


Marketers need to rethink how they target their consumers, and use the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to pitch their wares at precisely the right moment. That’s the view of David Gosen, Managing Director and SVP International at Rocket Fuel, who spoke to ADMA during a recent visit down under.

Brett Wilson

The centrality of data to marketing success is driving brands to take greater control over their marketing and advertising  technology and to wrest control back from their agencies. That’s our take out from a recent meeting with Brett Wilson, the CEO and co-founder of TubeMogul, the video advertising technology platform that

The Economist, among others, has wondered how long we will tolerate the monopolising effect of Google, Facebook and others in our daily commerce. Some of us have marvelled at Google’s ability to sustain its position based effectively on an algorithm increasingly corrupted by paid search results. In a parallel universe,