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While the focus has been on its great rival Alibaba, there is growing evidence that Tencent is ramping up its Australian presence. Most recently, it hosted events to educate local businesses on the opportunity to connect with Chinese tourists and businesses via its WeChat platform — the first time it

In the days leading up to Alibaba’s enormous Double 11 sale, more widely known as Singles’ Day, vitamin business Blackmores took out a giant ad in Times Square to promote “Australia’s most trusted brand.” The ASX-listed company doesn’t sell its products in the United States but used the premium New

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The level of digital upheaval is growing around the world with a big increase in the number of board members who believe their organisations are being disrupted.  41 per cent of directors, up from 31 per cent last year, acknowledged the impact in the Harvey Nash/Alumni board report, released in London


AtlasTrend continually monitors our investment universe for new opportunities for our Trends. These are our companies to watch and in the next article of our ongoing series, we introduce Nvidia Corp (NVDA US) and discuss how it is providing the power to process artificial intelligence (“AI”), augmented reality (“AR”) and

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Digital advertising spend this year is expected to reach $223 billion, according to eMarketer. That the digital ad market is growing will come as no surprise to anyone working in the sector. Less well understood however is that spending on the technology managing digital advertising and on the wider discipline

You’ve probably heard the phrase “data is the new oil” being used to describe the competitive advantage behind the world’s most valuable companies. According to Gartner analyst Doug Laney comparing information to oil ignores the unique economic characteristics that makes it valuable in the first place. Sign up for Which-50’s

An Australian senate inquiry into the digital delivery of government services is currently underway following a series of high-profile digital failures and mounting political pressure. The inquiry, which will examine “strategies for whole of government digital transformation”, puts the spotlight on the Australian public service’s ability to bring itself into

Gartner has identified the top 10 digital disruptors in the Asia Pacific region. Lesser known than their Silicon Valley counterparts and rapidly expanding, Australian business leaders ought to familiarise themselves with these companies. “Ignoring them is not an option,” warned CK Lu, research director at Gartner, who presented the list


Will blockchain upend digital marketing, eliminate advertising fraud and usher in a new MarTech ecosystem fuelled by revolutionary business models and bulletproof transparency? Don’t hold your breath.  However, while the current limitations of the technology suggest that such changes won’t happen any time soon, don’t discount its impact over the long

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Late last year Seven Group Holdings (SGH) acquired a 28 per cent stake in an Australian advertising attribution and analytics start-up called Impulse Screen Media (ISM). SGH has set aside capital to invest in new technology companies that it believes have the potential to disrupt the market in some of its