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Industry structure may play a bigger part than technical complexity in the ongoing disconnect between advertising technology and marketing technology, according to the co-founder and CTO of Ion Interactive and editor of, Scott Brinker. Over the last year, through interviews with industry leaders here and in the US, in

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Digital is real and requires companies to undertake a set of fundamental changes to ensure their long term survival. But be warned, digital transformation projects are nearing a period of intense scrutiny. According to Gartner’s global head of research Peter Sondergaard, digital 12 to 18 months away from the ‘trough

Is digital advertising broken? If you believe Brendan Eich, one of the digital sector’s most respected voices, then yes it is. Eich is developing a blockchain-based digital advertising platform to clean up the mess he sees in the ecosystem, and reward users for their attention. Not everyone is in agreement.

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Australian companies don’t have another 26 years of easy growth ahead of them. That’s the opinion of Paul Shetler, Stone and Chalk’s first expert in residence and former Chief Digital Officer of the Digital Transformation Agency. “You don’t have another 26 years of easy growth. It was a good ride


Technology start-up MiRunners is hoping to broaden the appeal of horse racing by making thoroughbred ownership affordable for more Australians through crowd funding. In building its business it has had to overcome hurdles familiar to any company that finds itself trying to transform a long established, highly regulated industry. MiRunners

Removing and automating the “drudgery” of marketing operations frees up one of a marketer’s most valuable resources, their time, according to Jon Williams, senior vice president international, Aprimo. Williams talked with Which-50 about the benefits that good marketing operations can bring to an organisation. Chief among them is the ability

Timothy Whitfield, director, technical operations at GroupM, weighs in on which ad tech terms are useful and which ones should be avoided at all costs. There are currently over 5,000 known ad tech companies in the global landscape and that number is changing daily. It’s very hard to keep up

Getting culture right is the key to success in a digital world and resolving culture issues is “no longer optional.” That’s according to a new report from according from McKinsey & Company. “Leaders won’t achieve the speed and agility they need unless they build organisational cultures that perform well across

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Many marketers are only now getting used to the advantages of cloud computing, having been led there often by their marketing technology providers. But a new trend is emerging that could disrupt cloud computing, or radically reframe how it operates at the margin. Welcome to edge computing. In the cloud,

Gartner’s 2017 Hype Cycle for Marketing and Advertising is out (subscription required) and, predictably, AI for Marketing has appeared as a new dot making a rapid ascent toward the Peak of Inflated Expectations. I say “rapid” but some may be surprised to see us projecting that it will take more