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Companies are slowly beginning to realise the existential nature of the challenge that digital hypercompetition poses to them. When they see the destruction wrought by disruptors on incumbents in music (Spotify), media (Google) or retail (Amazon), it’s difficult to deny that the writing on the wall is for them. Executives

Neither ad tech nor martech is flawless when it comes to attribution. At a recent roundtable discussion hosted by Which-50, industry experts discussed the possibility of alleviating these flaws through the combination of both disciplines. Download the Convergence of AdTech and Martech An incorporation of martech potentially advances ad tech’s

Design thinking is a viable strategy for organisations tasked with delivering customer experiences, according to guests on the latest Which-50 podcast. Originating in architecture in the 1960’s, design thinking has recently been applied to business strategy with intriguing results. Sign up for Which-50’s Irregular Insights newsletter In the fourth Which-50

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As society shifts to a world of autonomous driving over the next 30 years, the economic implications are profound — initially, but not only for the automotive sector. Some of the world’s leading automotive brands are already investing heavily in the technology. Daimler for instance says that prototypes like its


In this three part series, Timothy Whitfield, director, technical operations at GroupM puts four Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) to the test. Read part two here. When it comes to programmatic ad tech companies they all seem to have three things in common. They all seem to have more data than


If marketing is still considered just a “right brain” activity in your organisation, Aprimo’s Chief Product Officer, Kevin Souers, insists that using customer stories told via underlying sales and marketing data are key to driving cultural change. As more and more organisations adopt customer-centric strategies, the ability to form an

Social media can be a valuable channel for organisations, but it needs to be approached the right way and many brands are getting into trouble, according to executives. “It’s one channel that they have very little control over,” said Jodie Sangster, ADMA chief executive officer. “Should something go wrong with

In 2008, there were already more “things” or objects connected to the Internet than people. By 2020, it is estimated that the number of Internet-connected things will reach 50 billion. A recent research report compiled by McKinsey forecasted that the total economic impact of the IoT on the global economy

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Simple conversion rates are not enough to measure true marketing return on investment, says Aprimo’s Chief Product Officer, Kevin Souers, suggesting marketers instead map out the entire customer journey if they want to fully understand where their money is working hardest. Traditional methods of measuring marketing success generally direct every

It doesn’t matter how fantastic or disruptive your product is, you can’t succeed in digital without strong leadership and culture. Just look at Uber. To help quantify the impact of talent and culture in today’s business environment, digital measurement company DT Scoring has launched a new benchmarking system designed to