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Australian retailers will likely struggle to match Amazon’s efficiency but they can make up for it in customer experience, according to Adore Beauty CEO Kate Morris. “[Amazon] are about efficiency, not love. You can’t beat them on efficiency because that’s their thing, that’s what they do. You can get pretty

The Australian Notifiable Data Breaches scheme comes into effect this week — a new set of rules that will force businesses to be more honest with consumers. But, with the scheme about to commence, critics argue the laws have serious shortcomings for both consumers and businesses, and Australia may have

Call me a pedant. Every quarter for the last few years Criteo has bragged about a 90 per cent retention rate. Every single quarter. Not 91 per cent. Not 89 per cent. 90 per cent precisely, every quarter. We have never seen anything like it. It’s quite a performance. Except

Marketers still need to get a lot smarter when it comes to attribution. Current understanding of the issues remains limited, and it is a problem that is undermining confidence in the industry, according to Matt Prohaska, CEO and Principal of Prohaska Consulting. “Too many marketers still keep score from their

Seek is open to the idea of sharing its job data to help the government plan for an upheaval in Australia’s job market caused by automation. The job site made the suggestion in a submission to the Senate inquiry into the future of work and workers. “Seek is open to

Based on the recommendations of a review into open banking released last week, Australia’s big four banks could be in for a significant test of their speed and agility. The final report into Australia’s proposed open banking regime has been published including a recommended timing for the implementation of the

“Retail is going to be a horrible business the next ten years in Australia.” That’s the stark assessment from Scott Galloway, NYU professor and founder of research agency L2. Speaking with Which-50 about Amazon’s Australian arrival, Galloway said there will be examples winners in every category but overall it won’t

Navman probably never thought it would see its value destroyed by a search company. The taxi industry likely never expected to be upended by a phone app. Real disruption is generally a blind siding event, not an incremental improvement by a traditional irritant. Retailers are facing huge changes to the

You can’t open a tech website or scroll through a LinkedIn feed these days without reading about blockchain. More than just a buzzword, blockchain has captured our collective imagination as a mode to decentralise and thereby improve a multitude of transactions. The basic premise is that it introduces the possibility

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This year will mark the 10th anniversary of the first programmatic auction which first happened by MediaMath in 2008. In the decade since the technologies and the ecosystem underpinned by programmatic have grown and flourished. In 2017, programmatic display spending reached almost $33 billion globally and in Australia, if you