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Criteo’s detection and mitigation of ad fraud is almost twice as bad as its peers in the AdTech sector, according to a paper by private due diligence investment group Gotham City Research. Following on from its analysis of the Method Media Intelligence study last week, GCR has released a more detailed outline


Retargeting platform Criteo has been smashed in two new reports. The first was written by an ad fraud consultancy called Method Media Intelligence and the second by financial analysts Gotham City Research (GCR), which sought to validate the MMI study based on its own analysis. As a result of that

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Cryptocurrencies have seen significant attention recently in the media due to their tremendous growth over the past year. The Cryptocurrency market has risen from US$10 billion at the beginning of the year, to US$160 billion today, reflecting a 1,500% increase in value and with Bitcoin growth contributing to a large

Marketers in the retail sector understand that delivering excellent and consistent customer experiences is critical. Increasingly they are utilising digital asset management strategies to do so. At an Aprimo Executive Breakfast event hosted at the ADMA Global Forum, leading marketing professionals discussed the challenges and opportunities facing modern marketers. Following

‘AI’ – artificial intelligence – is the latest tech term getting marketers excited with its potential to streamline, optimise and scale marketing processes. But it worth remembering also that marketers love new technology and, over the past decade, have been treated to the vast buffet of (useful) new ‘tech’ and,

Amazon’s acquisition of organic food retailer Whole Foods Market finalised last week, with Amazon announcing that its first order of business would be to reduce prices at Whole Foods’ stores. Amazon will also begin selling Whole Foods’ brands on its online site, install Amazon pickup lockers in some locations and

With some of the biggest AdTech shows fast approaching (Exchange Wire #ATSL17, Dmexco & Programmatic IO), now is a good time to compile a quick guide to the key events and areas currently shaping programmatic advertising. Buy Side Much has been written about consolidation in the DSP world recently and

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Boards lack the diversity needed to integrate current digital thinking and emerging business models into their strategy. They are also struggling with the pace of change, and the contradictory requirements to act more quickly while also thinking more long-term. That’s our take out from the panel discussion that accompanied the

Like many professionals, medical executives would be forgiven for believing that a huge wave of Artificial Intelligence fueled transformation is about to disrupt everything about the way they work, and earn a living. The truth, as ever,  is a little more sanguine. Of all the professions, healthcare is likely one

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Compliance is a growing concern for marketers but risks can be minimised with good marketing operations, according to Jon Williams, senior vice president international, Aprimo. “Most marketers work under some form of compliance, and really what we try and do with good marketing operations is to make that as easy