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If you’ve read this far, then I managed to get your attention. In today’s media-saturated world, that’s no easy feat. So, thank you. Like an effective headline, digital advertising is designed to gain your (very limited) attention, hold it for long enough to initiate (or continue) a conversation, and then send you on


Shortly after Amazon confirmed it is indeed working on an Australian retail launch, the good folk over at CB Insights published a handy Amazon strategy teardown via webcast and 10,000-word report. It’s recommended reading and watching if you want to sound smart when talking about the Seattle giant. Presented by

The recent spate of store closings will do nothing but hasten the decline of physical retail, while providing only short-term profitability gains. Okay, so I know the US is over stored, and some locations just need to close, but there are many things going on here that must be considered.

The importance of digital channels for business is no longer in dispute as more and more companies are finding their audiences online. For the past seven years, Adobe has conducted an annual survey to explore trends and priorities in digital marketing and understand where the market is headed. Unsurprisingly, we

retail automation

Sentient machines, neural laces, AI that can beat the world’s best poker players. Wave after wave of developments and news about automation, artificial intelligence, robots and the dawn of another industrial revolution where “30 per cent of human jobs in the next 15 years” will be lost to inexorable developments

We have the technology. According to a McKinsey report, technology is now at a point that marketers can effectively deliver real-time personalisation. The pay off they say is improved customer experiences and ultimately, real returns for businesses. Take our Which-50 reader survey and go into the draw for a chance to

Matt Oczkowski, Cambridge Analytica

The man responsible for spending a large chunk of Donald Trump’s digital advertising dollars isn’t a fan of programmatic advertising. Take our Which-50 reader survey and go into the draw for a chance to win a pair of Sony H.ear Bluetooth headphones or 1 of 5 Google Daydream VR headsets

Data is such a huge part of a marketer’s toolkit – in fact it is fair to say it is the currency when it comes to acquiring customers. Loyalty programs exist to benefit the data pool, just as much as they exist for the customer, website data and analytics are getting deeper

Google brand safety

It’s not a good look for your macrobiotic crunchy granola-infused omni-sensitive global media brand when it gets plastered across a Polish hate video. Less-discerning YouTube viewers — is there any other sort? — might imagine that you, The Guardian, were throwing your resources and prestige behind neo-Nazis in ski masks.

Data Republic

The growing potential to monetise data and extract business value from it means businesses and vendors must consider who owns the data collected it the process of doing business, and who has a licence to use it. Take our Which-50 reader survey and go into the draw for a chance