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Australia is now Amazon’s fastest growing marketplace and is bigger than Brazil, in terms of the number of sellers on the platform. According to figures from Marketplace Pulse, which tracks the performance of ecommerce marketplaces around the globe, Australia is the fastest growing Amazon marketplace (relative to total size), followed

The role of the CIO is proving a good indicator for the impact of digital. According to a Gartner executive survey, leading CIOs have evolved from cost controlling delivery executives to become data exploiting, revenue generators capable of driving growth. Sign up for Which-50’s Irregular Insights newsletter “The data clearly

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There are few other industries outside of banking with a more drastic need to transform to ensure their long-term survival. That’s the view of the analysts at IDC, which at the same time acknowledge the industry is faced with a sizeable IT challenge, ironically caused by being early adopters of

Last week Mark Zuckerberg pledged to fix Facebook in 2018. However, it is unlikely any of the changes Zuckerberg alluded to will satisfy his former mentor and Facebook early investor, Roger McNamee, who is calling for sweeping changes to the social media giant. Sign up for Which-50’s Irregular Insights newsletter

Uber is being sued by Fetch Media, the mobile ad agency it launched legal action against last September for failing to prevent ad fraud. Now the Dentsu-owned agency is demanding Uber cough up $19.7 million for unpaid invoices, arguing that its contract didn’t require it to police or prevent ad

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Online shoppers kept Australia’s posties busy in December with Australia Post recording the biggest month in its 209 year history. Throughout December AusPost delivered 37 million parcels, that’s 20 per cent more deliveries per day compared to last year. In the week before Christmas 11 million parcels were delivered by

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has raised concerns over retargeting company Criteo’s commitment to consumer privacy and its inclusion in the Acceptable Ads initiative. In a post published on December 22, the advocacy group details Criteo’s attempts to overcome Apple’s decision to block third-party cookies on its Safari browser — which

Business leaders are understandably overwhelmed by artificial intelligence due to its complexity and disruptive workplace implications. My latest research “Will People or Machines Rule Algorithmic Retailing?” explores the topic in a practical way, building framework for retail CIOs to enable active leadership in setting the course for this critical technology as part

Not all disruption is good. Not every change works. And some companies are so profoundly boneheaded it is hard to do anything but stare horrified and awestruck at their capacity to make self-destructively poor choices. Village Cinemas, it’s your time to shine. The company is apparently introducing a Dynamic Pricing Trial,

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Banks need to start shifting their focus from short term problems and solutions to their long game, according to a Bain & Company report, which outlined seven macro themes that will transform the banking sector. Sign up for Which-50’s Irregular Insights newsletter Recent disruptions and trends have created “paranoia” and