Motorola Solutions and communications partner Central Radio Services have deployed a new digital radio system, bringing safety and efficiency to New Zealand’s City Forests. 

City Forests, in New Zealand’s Otago region, hosts 23,730 hectares of forest and seven million hectares of trees, requiring safe and secure communication solutions for workers in order to maintain high standards and sustainability certifications.

According to Guy Bonner, Forest Production Manager at City Forests, “Upgrading our network to digital not only enabled clearer voice communication, but provided us with other useful features like text messaging and GPS capability.”

“Moving to a digital platform also gives us the option to plug in further capabilities to improve safety in the future,” says Bonner. 

The digital radio system was deployed to upgrade the previous analogue radio network, and allows for City Forest workers to communicate instantly with additional safety features that assist with locating workers across the expansive site. The system replaces paper dockets with digital and provides a touch-free method for the exchange of critical information including log quantities and crew IDs.

According to Rhys Clare, Motorola Solutions Channel General Manager for Australia and New Zealand, “Enterprises have always depended on radio systems for clear and reliable voice communication, but now they are getting many more safety and productivity enhancing features.”

Clare says that the evolution of this technology is enhancing collaboration and performance for enterprises, while prioritising the safety of employees.

“Digital radio solutions are also extremely flexible, enabling organisations to adapt to rapidly changing situations. Even throughout a global pandemic, these solutions are helping organisations keep their operations running and their people safe,” Clare said.

With social distancing requirements and the Delta strain demanding a dramatic community response to reduce contact and lower community transmission rates, this system is allowing enterprises to comply with COVID-19 restrictions while maintaining company output and performance.

Motorola claims that its technologies in radio, video and analytics “help businesses stay productive and safe” as we transition to a post-COVID normal. 

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