More than a third of Twitter users have quit the service, and growth has slowed to single digits

As Twitter closes in on its date with the public markets, some of the scrutiny is proving decidely uncomfortable.

We have written before about how pitching Twitter as the anti-Facebook IPO is a dangerous strategy for the company’s bankers to pursue — especially since Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan Chase are the same institutions that grifted retail investors in 2012 on the Facebook float.

You will find more statistics at Statista

As Statista noted, in its report into a recent Reuters Ipsos study into Twitter’s user engagement, “When Twitter unveiled its user numbers in its S1 filing a couple of weeks ago, many experts weren’t too impressed with the company’s user growth.

According to the site, Twitter’s active user base only grew 6.1 per cent between June and September 2013. By way of comparison, says Statista, “When Facebook’s quarter-over-quarter user growth first dropped to single digits in Q2 2011, the social network’s user base had long exceeded half a billion people, indicating that Twitter’s potential reach is far smaller than that of its big cousin Facebook.

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