More Boy Bands, some very bad UX, local politics and Tim Cahill — Australia’s top retweets revealed

Inevitable Boy Band love-ins aside, this week’s KINSHIP digital/Which-50 Retweet Report delivers an eclectic mix of interests. It’s everything from criticism of a new Qantas password UX, to debates over Work for the Dole and Indigenous politics, culminating in Tim Cahill apparently stirring somebody about the English Premier League.

Each Monday, KINSHIP digital and Which-50 take the pulse of the Australian Twittersphere and reveal the most-retweeted links in the country over the last seven days (Saturday to Friday). This week, Australians retweeted 2.3 million times — down a hefty 18 per cent on last week — continuing a decline which set in with the end of the World Cup in Brazil.

The top tweet of the week was a 5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS) fan pointing to a Tumblr belonging to the nom de plume Hemm0phile that made no sense to anyone over the age of 30 … 29 … 28 … 27. Anyway it managed to garner almost 1000 retweets, courtesy of what looks like an original tweet by a radio station.

It was not the only 5SOS tweet to smash its way through our Boy Band filter and contaminate the top ten retweets.

The first non–boy-band tweet couldn’t have been more different, and belonged to Stephen Collins — a man who takes user experience very seriously. His tweet, “Whoever told Qantas that cherry-picking chars from a password was good design needs a solid punch in the balls” linked to a picture of a new Qantas password interface. In fairness to Collins, it is exactly the kind of clumsy and overly complicated experience that drives the UX community insane. Our guess: it looks like someone let the IT department loose on a digital project — never a good idea.

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Politics also broke into the top of the local Retweeterverse with the government’s planned Work for the Dole arrangements attracting the ire of the Caffé Latté set. Repent Ye Whackos shared a link on the ever popular #auspol hashtag, pointing to a story about a Melbourne Uni study that suggested the policy is flawed. News and discussion site The Conversation reported on the research in a story called “Work for the Dole doesn’t work, so why is it Coalition policy?”

Staying with politics, mining magnate and Fortescue Metals Group CEO Andrew Forrest’s entry into the public policy debate around welfare — especially as it relates to Indigenous Australians — has attracted fans and critics alike. Lady Kimberley obviously falls into the latter camp. She/He tweeted that “Twiggy loves the aboriginal people so he wouldn’t give them money for their land.” The tweet linked through to the same article on The Conversation.

Finally, Socceroo and Everton star Tim Cahill kept the round ball conversation going, tweeting “No hard feelings mate” to @JackWilshere and linking through to a photo of Cahill at a gym wearing boxing gloves. Unfortunately the 140 characters weren’t enough to provide the back story.

About the Authors

Mike Green is the CEO of KINSHIP digital. Andrew Birmingham is the editor and publisher of Which-50.

The Chatter Report is an initiative of the Which-50 Digital Intelligence Unit

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