Most consumers begin their shopping journey on a mobile device and either finish on the same device or go in store.

That’s a key finding from Salesforce’s upcoming Commerce Cloud Shopping Index.

James Johnson, director industry strategy – retail and consumer goods at Salesforce gave a sneak peek into the findings from the report during a session at the Online Retailer conference in Sydney last week.

In Australia, 68 per cent of online traffic comes from mobile devices and 54 per cent of transactions are now completed on mobile devices in a digital context. That could climb as high as 76 per cent by the end of 2019.

Johnson commented on the data, “This is an average obviously, we see much higher for some of our customers, particularly around peak times.

“But the trend is really clear, mobile is the glue is linking this journey together and is absolutely key to that foundational element of that experience.”

The insights are based on data from 500 million real shopper journeys during a monthly basis. Johnson said this allows Salesforce to understand what those experiences are common now and what consumers expect in the future.

From this data he said mobile is the “digital glue”.

The index has also given Salesforce an insight into buying signals. Johnson said this could be things like adding to a wishlist and adding to cart, showing signals that a consumer is doing more than just looking at the brand.

The Commerce Cloud Shopping Index is slated to release this week.

Customer Engagement trends

Salesforce’s customer research found that customers crave a relationship with a brand but find it is split between what is happening online, what’s happening in store, what’s happening in emails and other communications.

According to Salesforce research, more than half (55 per cent) of consumers said their experience was disconnected and they did not see it coming together effectively as it should. 

From that same data, Johnson stated 63 per cent of consumers said retailers didn’t truly understand them. 

Johnson said, “As the value exchange is happening here, what I understand is there’s a range of data you should know about me as a retailer and I expect amazing experiences based on what that information is. You know something about it, tailor my experience please so I get an amazing outcome.”

He said consumers also expect something new and exciting, “70 per cent said they wanted something new in store on digital channels every month to entice them to come in.

“That is both from a product perspective, that’s also around the services in store and the overall experience of what are the experiences there to entice me to come and participate in your retail community. 

“It can be a challenge for us as retailers to actually adapt to meet those expectations to be more customer first, as opposed to product first. So you can really provide and maintain customer expectation.”

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