As organisations pursue aggressive net-zero carbon emission strategies in the run-up to 2030, and increasingly put sustainability at the heart of their operations, the data centre faces particular scrutiny due to its burgeoning power consumption. Little wonder, since data centres are responsible for producing over two per cent of the world’s man-made greenhouse gases.

For this Which-50 Digital Intelligence Minicast, we asked NextDC CEO, Craig Scroggie, why businesses need to start paying attention to the carbon footprint of data centres. And why should they care about carbon neutrality?

“We are creating more digital information today than any other point in history,” he says.

Digital is accelerating at such a rate that analysts now estimate that every two years, the entire volume of information that has existed since the beginning of time is created all over again.

“So we are seeing exponential growth in the rate of information that has been created, stored, and shared,” he says.

This article is published by Which-50’s Digital Intelligence Unit (DIU) on behalf of NEXTDC. DIU Members such as NEXTDC pay to share their expertise and insights with Which-50’s audience of senior executives.


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