It is the responsibility of any organisation working with vulnerable communities, like children, aged care or the disabled to ensure that they are safe, and protected from harm. However according to Claire Rogers, the CEO of the verification platform Oho, after completing all the checks and balances upon hiring a new staff member, organisations are notoriously bad at checking to make sure that their retained staff’s credentials are up to date.

Oho is a cloud-based platform that monitors employee’s verifiable credentials, notifying their customer organisations when the registers flag their employees accreditations such as criminal history and working with childrens checks as out of date or called into question. 

“We enable organisations to get that information in real time, as fast as possible so they can take action when an adverse event has happened,” says Rogers.

In today’s minicast Rogers, the former CEO of World Vision, discusses the importance of building a workplace culture that prioritises safety.

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