Taiwan has so far achieved one of the best responses to COVID-19, keeping case numbers and mortality rates exceptionally low compared to comparable nations, including Australia.

New analysis by RMIT researcher and PhD candidate Kelsie Nabben suggests a radical approach to digital democracy may be an important factor. Taiwan’s unlikely heroes, Nabben says, are “civic tech hacktivists”: coders and activists who the country’s celebrity digital minister Audrey Tang describes as the “nobodies” who “hack democracy”.

Nabben joins this week’s special extended Which-50 Minicast to explain some of Taiwan’s success and what Australia may be able to take away from it.

Nabben, who works at the Melbourn University’s RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub/Digital Ethnography Research Centre, has also released a paper on Taiwan’s response this week, available here:

Hack the Pandemic: Lessons from How the Taiwan Government Embraced the Hacker Mindset to Embrace Digital Infrastructure and Subvert COVID-19

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