Recruitment agency Robert Half has released a report providing a mid-year snapshot of the Australian demand for skilled talent.

According to the report, confidence is up as 77 per cent of business leaders expect positive growth compared to last year, while the skills shortage is proving a concern across the board, with four in five business leaders (82 per cent) citing staffing and retention concerns. 

According to David Jones, Senior Managing Director of Robert Half Asia Pacific, “As we move into what we hope will be the latter stage of the pandemic cycle, there is a return to a more confident and secure labour market for employees and employers alike.”

“However, as the Demand for Skilled Talent report reveals, advancing technology is creating both new opportunities for workers and new challenges for employers trying to fill roles.”


Digital transformation continues to redefine job descriptions and reshape the labour market, meaning that for IT professionals, it is not just their technical skills, but also their soft skills that are in high demand.

The skill sets that have seen the highest growth in demand in Australia over a five year period include:

  • DevOps: 283 per cent
  • Software as a Service: 96 per cent
  • JIRA: 74 per cent
  • Python: 33 per cent 
  • Salesforce: 18 per cent.

The skill sets proving the most lucrative, with the highest jumps in base salary in the country include:

  • Project managers with Prince skills: 29 per cent more than those without
  • IT project managers with Scrum: 13 per cent more than those without
  • Systems analysts with SAP skills: 12% percent more than those without

“The skills employers need are not only evolving rapidly but also directly translating into new-look job descriptions and evolving skillsets,” says Jones.

“As businesses continue towards recovery and growth without the flow of foreign talent to complement their domestic skilled workforce, there must be a renewed focus on reskilling and upskilling existing employees. As well as assessing technical skills, businesses should be seeking candidates who demonstrate a digital mindset and agile approach to learning as these characteristics will be essential to filling emerging skills gaps within a business.”

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