Independent bodies like the Media Federation of Australia are so important to the industry. They collectively raise the bar to new heights by bringing so many people from the industry together under one collective roof.

This session on 25th October 2017 was called “Fuelling your life for 2018” and it was a exciting way to end the year, on an uplifting and positive theme.

Carolyn Everson from Facebook gave a thrilling keynote speech despite only being on the ground for a total of 37 hours before heading onto Dubai later on that same day.

This was then followed by an amazing panel by Carolyn Everson, Sean Hall & Katie Rigg-Smith and moderated by Mark Echo.

Then that was followed up by a very raw and passionate keynote presentation by Sean Hall from Energx.

The key themes from today’s speeches was:

  • Planning and goals/purpose for the New Year?
  • How to keep motivated and managing your well-being?
  • Success and what does good look like?

The image below is a list of the fantastic crew that give up their precious time to help out on the MFA 5+ committee board.

A new year is right around the corner and this event was the perfect time to refresh, set ourselves some new goals and habits, and make 2018 our year! We were ready to take our life to the next level and want to find purpose. This final session of the MFA 5+ mentoring brekkie today really helped us find time and energy to fit it all in.

There was so much ground covered by these great speakers that it is hard to summarise it adequately. However, here are just some of the really interesting themes that emerged from today’s sessions.

  • Tangible and Practical Outcomes – All too often industry events can be very “loose and fluffy” but not this one. There were many tangible outcomes from today’s session including (a) discipline to put your phone “to bed” – preferably in a different room (b) feel free to check your email in the evening but don’t email colleagues in the evening (c) make sure you are getting enough sleep – you aren’t any good to anybody cranky (d) colour code your diary based on what gives you energy versus what zaps your energy.
  • Set Visions and Goals – A common theme from the sessions was about creating a yearly vision board. One key theme that surfaced in this type of vision board was that it had 3 x distinct components (a) Personal Vision (b) Company Vision and (c) Community Vision! This is referred to in some circles as the “Triple Bottom Line” approach. Once again the lessons today were extremely practical with examples of how to write a vision statement in the form of a “Dear Diary”. “Dear Tim. It’s 31st December 2018 and you are sitting quietly with your family looking back on the year that was. This year you are full of joy because you completed X, Y and Z”.
  • Be Vulnerable – The concept of being vulnerable came up in the sessions. This idea is that if you share your goals with others then it can help manifest them. However, it can also make you very vulnerable to others. This should naturally be done very carefully but isn’t sharing your goals with others is a great way of demonstrating leadership? Don’t be self critical if you don’t hit your goals as it’s all about the journey not the destination.
  • Work Life Balance (out) – Work Life Integration (in) – Don’t think so much of the old terms of Work Life balance. A significant amount of people feel that they don’t have a good work life “balance”. However, these days when you can check your email from the bus, the train, (the toilet :)) then it’s about work like integration. find a way to find work life integration. A good way to help find that balance is to think about what inspires you and gets you out of bed in the morning. Let that be your “centre of gravity”.
  • Focus Forwards – It’s easy to lose motivation for managers which have been in the industry for a few years and are now in their “teens” in their career. It’s like being on a treadmill when you are 2/3 the way through the journey. It’s tiring and you just want to be finished. However, one good trick is to review your work from the previous year and congratulate yourself on how far you have come.

There was literally so much content that came from today’s session that you could write a small book about it. However, thanks to everybody that attending from the industry. There was 198 people attending the event today which is absolutely massive!

Thanks also to my fellow mentors that give up their time and are so passionate about our industry.

I wanted to share some of the main ideas from the session today. Attached is a mind-map that I wrote during the session.

If you want to learn more about the MFA 5+ committee and the great work that they do there then please click this link.


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