MediaMath has said it is launching an effort to create a reimagined supply chain that works better for the entire industry.

The company has partnered with Rubicon Project, a global advertising exchange to design a direct and transparent programmatic delivery infrastructure.

Havas is the first agency to join the effort.

The collaboration is the first in a series of initiatives that MediaMath will be pursuing.

“The current media supply chain is failing advertisers, publishers and consumers,” said Joe Zawadzki, Founder & CEO, MediaMath.

“We’re taking the first step to create necessary change by partnering with Rubicon Project and Havas. A more accountable and addressable ecosystem, with the right values and purpose, will only come if a motivated and united alliance of leading marketers and agencies, with the right tech companies and publishers, working together.”

The parties to the deal argue that a clean digital media supply provides long-term sustainable solutions featuring end-to-end fee transparency, direct connections between buyers and sellers and focuses on the availability of brand safe, fraud-free, viewable inventory.

“We are pleased to partner with MediaMath to create a direct and transparent programmatic delivery infrastructure,” said Michael Barrett, CEO, Rubicon Project.

“Havas continues to pioneer the next generation ecosystem that is both clean and open as the first agency partner for this effort. In working together, we hope to lead the industry in removing the bad actors and negative headlines with SPO and addressable supply chain. Modernizing how the supply chain operates will impact and benefit the entire ecosystem.”

By building on existing granular transparency to MediaMath supply chain costs and insight into take rates, agencies like Havas are now able to empower clients with log-level transparency for end-to-end supply chain costs.

As a result of the initiative, advertisers should be better able to understand the true cost of media for each impression and evaluate eCPM ranges across a diverse portfolio of publishers who have opted into publisher fee transparency with Rubicon Project.

In theory advertisers and agencies can use market intelligence to bid appropriately on publisher inventory in auctions and understand true performance to their KPIs, where cost of media is used to calculate their metrics.

This level of data enable should also enable advertisers to reach publishers directly and create a feedback loop that provides publishers with better media performance metrics for their clients so they can manage, optimize and price their content appropriately.

“MediaMath is creating a supply chain that will enable the delivery of digital advertising that’s better for the consumer, better for clients, and better for the ecosystem that connects them,” said Andrew Goode, Executive VP, Head of Programmatic, Havas Media Group.

“Havas is thrilled to be part of the movement to pave the way for a path to clean, high-quality supply and create solutions that will benefit all constituents within the ecosystem.”

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