The Media Federation of Australia (MFA) hosted its quarterly breakfast mentoring session for the younger media execs that have been in the industry for 5+ years, on Friday 22nd of September 2017. This session was entitled: “Let’s talk Value” and the title was very apt.

Honored to be among the team of mentors at the MFA 5+

This tweaked session the MFA had some upgrades from the previous sessions; and included a keynote speech by the GroupM CEO Mark Lollback followed by a lively panel with Brent Smart from IAG, Jo Kelly from UBank, Jack Mesley from Lion Co Rob Pyne from Realizer as the facilitator.

Being a mentor on the table it was clear to see that this new format was well received as many of the brilliant minds were busy taking copious quantities of notes.

A fantastic energy around the table discussing core topics: Let’s talk value.

There were several key themes that continued to emerge during the high energy speech by Mark and the very practical panel. Some of the key topics that continued to emerge included;

  • “Do Less With Less” – The thought here seemed to be rather than focusing on solving all problems for all people – stay laser focused and just focus on solving problems that matter.
  • “Solve Business Problems” – The thought here was to go beyond media touch points and put yourself in the shoes of the brand / advertiser and find out new ways to solve real world problems – grow customer base – growth drives growth, not scale – understand the pressure on your clients – etc…
  • “World is changing and fragmenting” – The thought here is the role of the consultant is up for grabs – it could be the media agency that needs to be the consultant – know when to art and when to science – Regardless of who the consultant is; make sure that the brand / advertiser is kept up-to-date – share the pain but also share the joy between consultant and brand.

There were so many very practical themes discussed that it was hard to write them all down. The mind map below was an overview of some of the core themes.

It would be hard to summarise the event given that so much ground was covered: however the key theme that seemed to be on the lips of so many people after the event was “Solve Business Problems

This is a great time to be in media! Looking forwards to attending the next event.

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