Dynamic Yield, a personalisation platform bought by McDonalds last year for a reported US$300 million plus, today unveiled a new feature that allows brands to guarantee consumers no data is collected on them without explicit consent.

The company says the option is in response to the rising tide of global data regulation which the industry’s standard practice of “cookie-based consent” already breaches.

Dynamic Yield is an enterprise level martech that works with existing CMS and commerce systems to match content, products and offers to consumers. McDonald’s bought the martech last year to improve its drive-thru menus.

Sources said the price tag was north of $US300 million, the fast food giant’s largest acquisition in 20 years.

‘No consent, no cookies’

Today Dynamic Yield announced a new privacy feature to ensure no data is collected on consumers unless they opt in, one of the cornerstones of data regulation in the EU and California.

The company says its new feature differs from the traditional opt out requests which rely on cookies – the small pieces of code used to recognise and track internet users – to process opt out requests. Dynamic Yield says the traditional industry opt out method does not satisfy the EU’s GDPR requirements, including that user must take clear affirmative action, in other words explicitly opt in, before data can be collected, even cookies. 

“Many websites continue to operate under the notion that if a visitor fails to respond to a consent pop-up either by scrolling past it or closing it out, their consent is assumed or inferred,” a company statement announcing the “No Consent, No Cookies” feature said.

“Additionally, cookie notice messages often aren’t tied back to consent management systems, allowing experiences to be tracked and optimised for visitors who may have explicitly opted out.”

Omri Mendellevich, CTO at Dynamic Yield said the current cookie-based consent solutions offered by competitors are putting brands in breach of GDPR.

“With our cookie-less consent offering, brands can instantly establish newfound levels of trust with their users, confidently, and compliantly. In this new era of data protection, Dynamic Yield couldn’t be prouder to be at the forefront of user consent.” 

Dynamic Yield says it is committed to “balancing” personalisation and privacy.

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