Marketo has revealed more details of its multiyear alliance with Google Cloud, announced last year. The two companies are working together to create new products that make marketers’ lives easier by using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Leveraging Google Cloud’s machine learning technology, Marketo is working with Google’s experts to create new offerings that improve the speed, scale and effectiveness of campaigns by enabling marketers to better personalise and segment their audiences.

“Marketo is on a mission to build the world’s broadest and most powerful marketing engagement platform. With Google Cloud, our customers can leverage big data on a world-class cloud platform and deliver faster campaign performance to engage with billions of individuals in the moment, while providing the security that customers demand,” said Steve Lucas, CEO, Marketo.

“Together we are envisioning solutions that will quickly put greater insights in the hands of the marketer, saving them time and energy.”

The Marketo Engagement Platform currently manages nearly half a trillion interactions every year. To make these interactions smarter, Marketo is using Google Cloud machine learning to empower marketers to tap into even more of their own data, and interpret insights without the need of data scientist.

“We are thrilled to have Marketo on Google’s Cloud Platform and look forward to better serving both them and their customers with secure real-time engagement as only Google Cloud can do,” said Diane Greene, CEO, Google Cloud.

“Moreover, we are also working with Marketo to bring our machine learning capabilities into the Marketo platform. We anticipate this being a significant and highly valued part of the next stage of their product offering.”

At Marketing Nation Summit, Lucas discussed Marketo AudienceAI, an innovation the two companies are working on for Marketo’s platform, that uses Google Cloud machine learning technology to identify an expanded set of target contacts from a marketers’ own database, based on historical lead conversion patterns.

Just as Marketo ContentAI selects the next piece of content of interest to a customer, based on their previous choices, Marketo AudienceAI will find lookalike audiences in the marketer’s database that have a high likelihood of conversion, to expand campaign reach in a relevant way.

“Marketo AudienceAI will take the guess work out of segmentation, helping marketers do in seconds what would normally take months or quarters of rigorous analysis led by data scientists,” said Lucas.

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