Marketers expect a vastly different technology stack in 2025 to that which is available to them today. That’s a key finding of a new piece of research conducted by Marketo in Australia and New Zealand.

In the study called, Marketing 2025: The future of skills and technology in marketing across Australia and New Zealand marketers identified data analytics/ visualisation, AI/machine learning for content delivery and customer experience management as the top items on their dream technology stack for 2025.

When asked about currently capabilities, email marketing, social media marketing, and CRM are the most-used tools—but none of these make the top three by 2025.

The study notes there is “an important subtlety in this result” with email and social not being abandoned by marketers. Instead marketers believe these tools will AI-led.

The reports quotes a digital leader from the consulting industry telling the authors, “Although I believe that the impact of AI on marketing will be massive, as it already is in certain niches, the role of social media and email marketing will not decline massively by 2025.”

“Facebook’s 2.3 billion members are not going to disappear or be replicated by another network by 2025, and email will remain the most effective lead-generation and customer-nurturing tool for small to mid-sized businesses.”

Following the top three in the predicted tech stack, marketing automation came in fourth, followed by CRM, advanced or micro segmentation and CMS.

Chatbots are up from 14 per cent to 36 per cent. This actually looks a little conservative, given they are gaining significant market attention and also often the first entry to AI for many companies.


The survey also looked at the difference between the CEO and CMO when it comes to their dream technology stack of the future.

The CMOs are much more bullish than their CEO colleagues when it comes to the role machine learning will play in 2025.

From the report, 65 per cent of marketers say AI tools will be an important part of the stack by then, while for CEOs the figure is only 44 per cent.

CEOs instead believe CRM will be the most important technology, with CX not far behind. Marketers also rate these very highly—but not as high relatively speaking.

Companies and sectors

When looking at company size, the most dramatic changes appear in the largest companies.

Large companies reported the biggest increase in a tool category with machine learning up 65 per cent and the most significant decline with email marketing at 63 per cent.

The report showed small to medium companies reflected similar differences.

More than three quarters of the financial services sector say AI will be a part of a marketer’s stack in 2025 at 77 per cent. Today, they say it is only 6 per cent.

Retailers are expecting the use of AI to skyrocket with 5 per cent of retailers say AI is part of the toolkit for today, but by 2025 retailers expect that to grow to 66 per cent.

Today, manufacturers say AI is nowhere to be seen in their dream technology stack but in 2025 63 per cent of them say it will be featured.

The Which-50 Digital Intelligence Unit was involved in the production of the report.

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