Marketers are consistently trying to cut through the noise to capture consumers’ attention, and this job isn’t going to get any easier, argues Meabh Quoirin, co-owner and CEO at trends platform Foresight Factory.

During Advertising Week in Sydney today, Quoirin told attendees the relentless quest for attention is a real issue that marketers will have to continue to contend with. 

“The way we would suggest going for it, is to think about what will stay relevant with the consumer. Sure, it’s fun to have a campaign that really jumps into something that is of the moment and that’s fine and continue to do that. 

“Just don’t expect it to help you on a consistent basis, retaining the intention that you’re so desperately in need of to keep in front of the consumers you care about.”

Quoirin said brands know they need to acquire customers and keep them through making a certain amount of noise and being relevant. 

Meabh Quoirin, CEO and Co-Owner of Foresight Factory

But what matters here is consistency, she adds, can marketers recognise customers in a way that actually means something to them so they’ll keep returning to a brand? 

“What we start to think about here is what’s really significant for my audience versus everybody else. It might not mean the thing that’s going crazy on Twitter, what really matters to them and actually delivering that. You will know this is really, really hard to do because if you’re going to think about doing it in the purest sense, you need to factor in quite a lot of stuff,” Quoirin explained. 

However, she said instead of starting with capturing techniques marketers should first begin with the keeping techniques. 

“The first thing we would say is flip the equation: start with what’s going to be consistently relevant for that audience and figure out what to activate from there.”

Quoirin’s advice is to be a mirror for your audience.

“Be reflective, if you play back to your audience who they are, rather than who you are, I genuinely believe we will absolutely keep people’s attention and deliver very successful brands in the process.”

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