Email newsletter provider MailChimp is offering all its users free access to its existing marketing automation tools.

The company said it wants to “help small businesses grow by democratising powerful marketing tools that are often reserved for large enterprises.”

As of today users on any of MailChimp’s plans — Forever Free, Monthly, Pro, or Pay As You Go— can send personalised automated messages at no extra cost.

MailChimp offers a collection of preset automations such as welcome messages to new subscribers, order notifications, cart recovery, rewards and marketing emails suggesting follow up purchases.

“Automation empowers our customers to create sophisticated campaigns that help them compete with bigger companies, but we know that not everyone has a large list or the budget to upgrade to a paid account when they first get started,” the company wrote in a blog post.

“Small businesses look to MailChimp to help them build their brand, and we want to give everyone—no matter their account type or list size—the opportunity to use our marketing automation tools to do just that.”

Users will also be able to build customer journeys. MailChimp has redesigned its campaign creation process, making it easier to create a personalised experience for customers or subscribers.

The marketing automation features are now available to everyone in the Automation tab in all MailChimp accounts. And the company said it is beginning the rollout of our new customer journey path today, and it will be available to all users by next week.

MailChimp has provided a guide to getting started with marketing automation for beginner marketers to learn more about connecting with their new contacts, generating more revenue, boosting customer loyalty and re-engaging inactive subscribers.

“If you’re new to marketing automation, our intent-based campaign creation process will help you get started by guiding you to the right automation for your goals. We’ll show you the different campaigns that fit your objectives, so you can be more effective with your marketing and still have time to spend on other things that add value to your business,” the company said.

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