Logistics company Linfox has tasked Telstra with rolling out IoT technology across its truck fleet which will capture transport and logistics data.

Telstra and its subsidary MTData will implement an advanced telematics and management solution into Linfox’s Australian truck fleet aimed at enhancing public and driver safety on Australian roads.

“We are in a critical time in the logistics industry and it’s important to deliver technology that will ensure greater safety for our drivers and the communities in which we operate,” Linfox CIO, Conrad Harvey said.

“Heavy vehicle safety is a key issue within our industry and community and by partnering with Telstra to implement transformative technologies that allow us to better monitor and measure safety compliance throughout our fleet, we can work to reduce risk factors and enhance safe driver behaviour.”

Telstra’s IoT solution will include Samsung tablets mounted into Linfox heavy vehicles so drivers can access logbooks and complete safety checklists, and have capability, in some vehicles, for in-cabin recording of road safety incidents.

“The technology will require our drivers to log on and complete safety checklists before they head off on the road and will allow us to gain more accurate in-cab readings of speed and distance. The devices will enable us to coordinate our vehicles efficiently, reduce congestion on the roads and above all, ensure a higher level of safety for the community,” Harvey said.

Three months ago Telstra acquired MTData, which provides technology for connected vehicle solutions.

“With MTData’s expertise in delivering IoT solutions for the heavy vehicle industry, coupled with the unrivalled coverage and capability of the Telstra mobile network, we have created an innovative solution to help transform Linfox’s business,” said Michelle Bendschneider, Executive Director of Global Products, Telstra.

Telstra says it already supports over two million active IoT devices.

“We are on a journey with our customers, from connectivity to M2M to IoT. Our ambition in Telstra is to help our customers become digital enterprises by translating data into insights that empower outcomes,” said Bendschneider.

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