International property and infrastructure group Lendlease, has selected Google Cloud as its primary cloud partner to launch Podium, the company’s recently announced property lifecycle platform callee Podium, aimed at simplifying the interdependencies in the built world.
“We believe the next phase of innovation is centred around autonomous buildings, which sees AI used to automate building in a more holistic way. Google Cloud’s capabilities will help us drive this forward, allowing us to innovate and bring new services to our customers quickly and at scale,” said William Ruh, CEO of Lendlease Digital
“Podium is a big move for us that will help us continue to lead in the property industry, and having a trusted partner like Google Cloud is critical to make this a success.”
Ruh said that In the context of COVID-19, the digital revolution will play a hugely important role in how people live and work more effectively through future pandemics.  “Digitisation means we’re now using the huge amount of computational power available to us to bring together and crunch the numbers on the millions of separate decisions made every day across our sector.”
“Think in the context of the development of a commercial building. Previously, the vast bulk of decisions made throughout the property’s lifecycle have been made in isolation of each other. As a result of digitisation, everything from the orientation of the sun in winter, through to the train timetable for the station closest to the site, the way in which employees prefer to occupy space, down to the type of bolt used in floor joists will be able to be inputted into a “digital twin” and holistic decisions made before the first sod is turned on the project.”
According to Ruh, The property and construction industry has complex and interdependent processes and supply chains compounded by long timeframes between vision and conception through to execution and operation. “A consolidated digital platform such as Podium, will give us insights and clarity unlike anything the property and construction industry has seen before. Savings of up to 20 per cent on a new project are a real possibility, along with the ability to lessen and share the risk associated with developments.”
Property lifecycle platform
On its site, Lendlease describes Podium as its property lifecycle platform and says it sits at the heart of its digital strategy
“As a portfolio of digital products and services, they are harnessed to simplify the complex interdependencies in the built world. Podium, through the entire lifecycle of a project, enables clients and projects access to detail and clarity like they have never had before. Linking visions, plans, and programs to results, realities and efficiencies. Ultimately, Podium is the enabler of autonomous buildings and the key to both economic and environmentally sustainable ambitions of this industry.”
The deal with Google will see Lendlease leveraging its fully managed capabilities with the goal of simplifying operations and product deployment.
In a statement a spokesperson for Google Cloud says the company provides Lendlease with the ability to deploy change securely, and at speed, enabling the digitally-focused company to continuously improve the products and services it is providing its teams and customers.
“Google Cloud’s data analytics capabilities will also support Podium’s ability to connect insights from past projects and across the lifecycle of a development — linking visions, plans, and programs to results, realities and efficiencies — to simplify interdependencies and improve decision making,” according to the statement.
Mark Innes, VP of Australia and New Zealand and APAC Industry Verticals at Google Cloud said, “Lendlease has been at the forefront of innovation in property for decades, and we are proud to be able to work with them on this new venture as they continue to shape the cities around us and remove the complexities and inefficiencies that slow down progress in the industry.”
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