In the US the Federal Court ruled that the FCC lacks the authority the impose rules requiring ISPs to treat all traffic equally. The judgment came after Verizon – the company that willingly handed over huge slabs of phone call meta data to the US government to allow it to

Google says that it wants to make its users’ life easier by integrating Gmail and Google+, the latter being a social network that is now populated by any new Gmail user. It would seem that Gmail users may now have access to the half billion email addresses registered in Google+.

The net sectors biggest names appear to have taken to heart messages about privacy and security – at least as far as intrusive and uninvited surveillance is concerned.  In its Encrypt the Web report, digital rights activists the Electronic Frontier Foundation notes, “We’ve asked the companies in our Who Has

Bill Gates remains Which-50’s favorite tech entrepreneur. It’s not the company he built or the way he went about building it which frankly tested and broke the bounds of legality at times. It’s not the software – at least thrice a year Word or Excel crashes at precisely the most

President Obama suggested a while ago that it was time for the US to “pivot” its international focus. To China and, more generally, Asia. Lately he has had other things on his mind. China is powering on. Many a CEO or board chair you run into will talk about the

Leadership in business has begun to take up the strategic challenge of digital change. You can see it in some key appointments, where here and there, companies have appointed additional specialists in the CEO office to focus (the boss) on the question. It’s about time! Enough with the geeky mumbo-jumbo

The adoption of social technologies by corporations around the world has stalled in the last 12 months according to new research by McKinsey & Company. This is despite the management consultants saying that companies are missing a potentially huge prize. (McKinsey & Company authors Michael Chui, Lindsay Pollak, Martin Dewhurst.) According

The most challenging aspect of successful digital transformations is delivering a fully consistent, joined–up, end to end experience, according to a new McKinsey & Company report. Called “Finding your digital sweet spot” it stresses the need to apply digital technologies holistically, and not think of them simply as new channels.

Australia’s consumers are digital leaders but its business leaders are laggards. That’s our key take out from an interview yesterday with Frank Farrall lead Partner at Deloitte Digital. While local consumers frequently rank in the top five in the world for social media adoption, online shopping adoption and tablet adoption,

Virtually every key stroke you make online, every wireless transaction between a car and a tolling point, a credit card and an EFTPOS terminal, even the very action of people with smartphones entering and leaving electronically monitored buildings, sets off a slew of information flows.  These pieces of information generate