The pace of digital transformation and the lack of a shared vision are two of the biggest problems large companies run up against when trying to drive digital change throughout their organisation, according to Capgemini Consulting. Which-50 recently described how a comprehensive Capgemini global study quantified the economic benefits to companies of

Volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Welcome to VUCA – the new normal and the consequence of five dramatic shifts driving change in the world over the very long term, according to management consultants McKinsey and Company. Actually the term was originally a military idea and has been co-opted by business

This is what success looks like for global market incumbents: growing revenues, higher profits and stronger valuations. Last year a comprehensive study by Capgemini and MIT Sloan quantified the digital delta. It found that large organisations which marry digital intensity with transformational excellence outperform their peers across all industries in

The transformational power of technology in the digital economy keeps products and services in constant tension. In such a state, the war for talent is endless. And in a fiercely competitive landscape, rare skill sets are keenly sought, while it is harder than ever to retain your talent. These two