It seems to have been only a few minutes ago that data got big. Data of the past was always small and in many pieces. Boffins used to curate it. Now it herds itself; or so it seems. Business leaders are starting to see opportunity in data that was never

You are either a digital disruptor or you are dinner. Your choice. And while there are myriad advantages to be seized by leaders brave or brilliant enough to embrace disruption, if you are not convinced, there are also plenty of insurgents more than capable of taking you back into the food

Net neutrality looks like it took another hit today. Netflix revealed that it will pay Comcast to ensure its customers get faster and more reliable speeds and service. While technically it is not paying for preferential data speed treatment – instead it is paying to install web caches in local

Thirty-five years ago, most people reading this article were either in full-time education – or not yet born!  It was long before the internet ruled our lives yet in 1979, Professor Michael Porter first published his simple yet ground-breaking framework for assessing competition within an industry.  It is commonly known

At some point or other I read in a junior year text that markets work best when informed. My recollection is that the author asserted that a perfect market is perfectly informed. And I have assumed in life that disclosure and transparency were in general unqualified social positives.  Today Warren

Reform of employee share schemes – a key initiative sought by the entrepreneurial sector – is back on the agenda, with early discussions under way to help frame any potential changes. Paul Fletcher, parliamentary secretary to communications minister Malcolm Turnbull confirmed initial talks were held earlier this month. He made

All too often we miss the turning of the tide as Apple’s current conundrum testifies. Only two years ago it was the next “greatest company in the history of the world.” But the story the media wants to tell now is “Stayed too long.” The company has just reported net

Facebook has caned is quarter with mobility the star performer. Zuckerberg’s Curse now gets more than 50 per cent of all of its advertising revenue from mobile ads. Indeed it has just posted its first $1B+ quarter for mobility and in the process blew away market expectations. The company delivered

Up until recently, terms like creative destruction, long wave cycles and existential crises referred to scientific and economic theories. Now, they embody the commitments each successful digital business makes to itself, its staff, its shareholders and its customers. Embracing and harnessing the power of disruption can mean the difference between

In the US the Federal Court ruled that the FCC lacks the authority the impose rules requiring ISPs to treat all traffic equally. The judgment came after Verizon – the company that willingly handed over huge slabs of phone call meta data to the US government to allow it to