In an otherwise neat summary of the challenges in managing digital transition, McKinsey & Co. appears to miss a quite fundamental point. McKinsey assumes, as many do, that the primary forces are about marketing and that the choices are in a way linear. In fact, the heart of the challenge

One year ago, Yahoo bought Tumblr for just over a billion dollars. At the time, it was seen as a very big deal — not just because of the size of the pay day, but also because of the signature on the cheque. Tumblr was Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s biggest throw

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The leaking of a New York Times review of digital progress analysis is something of an eye-opener. Mostly because a solid commercial foundation is absent from what should be a critical communication. Given the early impact of digital media on what were once uncontestable media bastions — such as the

Huge new business pressures will attend the fraying of boundaries between companies — and even industries — as new technologies cause companies, their business partners, customers and competitors to recalibrate their models, according to NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson. Indeed the evidence is already overwhelming in many industries, he told Which-50.

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The emergence of the  chief digital officer is shaking up the c-suite in more and more organisations throughout Australia, Europe and the US. Recent research suggests that 83 per cent of top digitally performing companies have an explicitly and formally appointed digital leader. The CDO Club, the world’s largest network

Up to $US21 trillion worth of economic value creation could be put at risk unless robust cybersecurity regimes are developed and adopted, according to a new paper by McKinsey & Company. Authored by Tucker Bailey, Andrea Del Miglio, and Wolf Richter, the paper — called “The rising strategic risks of

R Ray Wang is everywhere these days. You will find the founder and chief of Constellation Research on social media services Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube, and on publications like the Harvard Review blog network. In fact, there is a lot about R Ray Wang that recalls a younger George Colony,

Leaders of many business-to-business (B2B) firms are uncertain – if not downright skeptical – about how social media can help them achieve their business development objectives. Tempted by the media hype and low barriers to entry, some B2B firms have experimented with establishing a presence on some of the best

The Social Network is pwning it. Quarterly revenues now exceed $US2.5 billion and net income grew from $US219 million last year to a stunning $US642 million. And forget all the mutterings about whether its moment has passed — the 800 million people who engage with the service daily, and the

Angela Horvat cut her teeth in IT journalism in the mid ’90s, the youngest reporter of a team of ten on what was then the industry leading weekly news magazine, Computerworld. This was a technology landscape very different from the one today. It was a world dominated by Microsoft, at