The ability of CEO’s to embrace digital technologies and transformation, and to stay at the forefront of any technological developments will be the hallmark of business success, according to Cognizant CEO Francisco D’Souza. Speaking in a video to accompany the recent Davos conference he said that digital technology would guide

One of the troubles with disrupted businesses is the thinking. People find it hard to change their mindset. This is why many fail, despite evident opportunity to make a transition. Digital media led the charge in disrupting businesses and remains one of the more useful examples since its disruption was

The Commonwealth government signaled its intent to accelerate the digital transformation of government services with the announcement today of the creation of the Digital Transformation Office within the Department of Communications.  Last year the Audit Commission argued for an aggressive digital transformation of government under the stewardship of a single team,

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  While the talent wars show no sign of relenting, a different issue is percolating: retention and engagement. Once you’ve secured hard-won talent, how do you hold onto them? As Harvey Nash research reveals, technology leaders are faced with a paradox: The very things they typically leverage to retain staff—pay,

Traditional management consulting firms like Deloitte and Accenture are still struggling to break into the top tier of the digital marketing agency sector, according to the latest magic quadrant research released by Gartner. Instead, companies like Razorfish, Sapient Nitro and IBM Interactive Experience still top the pops. According to the

All roads and transactions lead to digital. As pundits pontificate about the future for digital marketing, we see trends being compiled across the internet. These predictions focus on consequences external to the company –explosion of data, changes in technology, integrated analytics and new consumer experience. For the executive, this data is somewhat distracting and

There are many in the business world who under estimate the impact of technological change, according to ANZ Bank CEO Mike Smith, however he says his organisation will not be one of them. According to the bank chief, “At ANZ I want us to fast track the change to a

Bill Gates may have left the game long ago, but his salesmanship remains untarnished. Once again he has used the Reddit tradition of random Christmas gifts to popularise causes to which he is committed. Last year he donated a cow to a charity, this year via a gift to thrilled

Regulation in the financial services sector is not there to protect banks and other market participants from competition. It’s there to protect us from them.  And now it seems ASIC has signaled it wants to encourage digital innovation — just as long as consumers are protected. It’s a point that

It seems no amount of noise about social media is enough to motivate leaders to take it seriously. Although some individuals are adapting their leadership style and business strategy to leverage social and manage potential impacts, as a segment the participation of C-suites and in particular CEOs remains disturbingly low.