Optimism is rising as new vaccines come online to tackle COVID-19 but now employers are faced with the challenge of ensuring a safe, legal, and successful transition to life beyond the lockdown. That means putting in place the workplace safety and compliance environments to ensure their business is not the

Cisco today announced Ben Dawson will be the company’s new Vice President for Australia and New Zealand, replacing Ken Boal who was promoted to Cisco’s regional software and services lead last week. Dawson returns to Australia after five years in th US, where he led Webscale Sales, managing Cisco’s global

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Digital transformation is one of five “megatrends” reshaping the global COVID recovery, according to Australia’s trade and science agencies, which argue the country needs to “make scientific and technological leaps” to take advantage of them. The COVID-19 pandemic has inflicted huge human loss, disrupted global supply chains, and crippled Australia’s

Australia’s top scientists are using machine learning and camera sensor technologies to automatically identify items of rubbish in rivers, as part of an ongoing project to reduce the 67 million tonnes of waste Australia produces each year. By understanding where and when plastic waste enters rivers, the CSIRO hopes to

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Australia’s competition regulator is closely monitoring the US antitrust case against Google and will seek to reform Australian merger laws next year. Competition tsar Rod Sims also warned against privatising assets as part of a COVID recovery. In his annual address to the Law Council of Australia Business Law Section’s

A decade is a long time in business technology. Shiny new tech investments become ageing legacy liabilities and the gains they once provided have long since plateaued. That’s according to analysts from research firm Forrester, which are warning businesses need to reframe their technology strategies to be adaptive, resilient and

Build it yourself, establish a skills pipeline and pay public servants market rates. That’s how Singapore built world leading digital capabilities within government, according to one of its architects, Chan Cheow Hoe. Chan, the Chief Digital Technology Officer of Singapore’s Government Technology Agency says developing digital capabilities and services in

Australia’s top scientists will use data from the National Broadband Network to assess and  accelerate digital transformations across several industries. NBN CO and the CSIRO today announced a new partnership for several research projects, beginning with an examination of Australians’ use of digital channels during the pandemic. Initially the CSIRO’s

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Some Microsoft staff will be permitted to routinely work from home from now on, the software giant announced over the weekend, showing more enduring change from the the pandemic. Some Microsoft employees in Australia have been returning to local offices over the last two months but working from home remains

SAP has pledged to allocate 5 per cent of its addressable procurement spending to social enterprises and diverse businesses by 2025, and is urging its 440,000 customers to join it. Under the “5 & 5 by ‘25” initiative announced this week the German software giant will spend five per cent