We did not see that coming. Microsoft has signaled in the most unambiguous manner that it intends to remain in the very top tier of the technology sector, with a stunning strike on LinkedIn, stating its intention to buy the company for $US26 billion. LinkedIn shares surged 47 per cent on

The rising middle class in emerging markets will have the largest effect on the consumer industries, financial services, transportation and logistic industries, according to a report by the World Economic Forum (WEF). Alan Marcus, Senior Director of Information Technology & Telecommunications at WEF, was speaking at the recent Pegasystems user

Business models have always been subject to disruption. It’s an issue chief digital officers like Springfield Land Corporation Paul Wyatt understand in their DNA. The industrial revolution was caused when large weaving machines displaced factory workers. The horseshoe business fell apart when cars became common and the car industry was

NRMA Chairman and president Kyle Loades’ career exemplifies a breadth and depth of experience along with effective inclusion and influence amongst a wide range of stakeholders. He has led key initiatives within the NRMA as President and Chairman, Chair of the Finance and Investments Committee, the Audit & Risk Management

William Confalonieri, the chief digital officer, CIO and vice president of Deakin University is the first person to hold this position with the University. Prior to which he worked with other schools as well as financial services organisations on a range of ground-breaking and large-scale technology projects. An award-winning expert

Pity the poor IT manager. They spent a decade after the GFC recalibrating their departments around efficiency and then the breeze shifted. Today’s CEOs — to whom CIOs increasingly report — want the emphasis on growth. Digital transformation is a major consideration. That‘s a key finding from this year’s global

Is it the end of history? Cloud computing is the last great computing architecture of our lifetime, according to NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson. He made the bold claim in his keynote address to the 6700 delegates at SuiteWorld, the company’s annual customer event in San Jose. “I think it is

Customers want consolidation, Oracle CEO Mark Hurd tells Which-50. And they are likely to get plenty of it for some time yet as companies like Oracle, Adobe and Salesforce jockey for leadership in the rapidly emerging marketing cloud space. The marketing tech sector saw a wave of rapid and ever-escalating

The next generation of family business owners remain pessimistic about the digital progress of their inheritance, with less than half feeling their company strategies are fit for digital purpose. That is a key finding from PWC’s global Next Generation family business survey. The 2016 survey returned to the earlier participants of its

Everyone has heard of IT projects that go “off the rails” and massively exceed budget, timeline or — in extreme cases — don’t deliver anything of value. A common reason why this can happen is that too much time is allowed to pass between major check points or deliverables. Fortunately, digital