Former boss of News Corp Australia, Kim Williams acknowledges there’s still some lingering acrimony following his department from the CEO’s role in 2013. Williams ran Foxtel for a decade and was famously hoisted into the CEO role at News in 2011 only to resign after 20 months in the job.

Digital technologies will create an additional $US1.36 trillion in economic activity by 2020 — and that is just within the world’s top ten economies, according to a report by Accenture. Called the Accenture Digital Density Index, the study was a joint venture with Oxford Economics. The authors say their work

Netflix chief executive Reed Hastings told shareholders last week that the company regrets signing data cap agreements with Australian ISPs. Before Netflix was released in Australia, the US-based company signed unmetered usage deals with Australian internet service providers, including Optus and iiNet. These deals meant that the data used to watch

Built on a foundation of guiding principles, a digital transformation plan of action includes nine main initiatives that organizational leaders should take. Beginning with educating themselves to increase their own digital competencies, these initiatives include soliciting input from key stakeholders, revising the organization’s mission, business model, and offerings, leveraging technology to enhance

The creation of Chief Customer Officers, Chief Experience Officers and the like is a clear symptom that an organisation has significant structural issues in dealing with digital disruption, according to one of Forrester Research’s top executives. Carlton Doty, Forrester’s Vice President and Group Director, said at the Adobe Summit in

As organisations become digital enterprises, various business functions — and the professionals who work in them — will be digitally transformed as well. External applications of social and digital technologies like marketing and sales are just the tip of the iceberg. Internal applications and implications will be far more extensive

Breaking: Telstra CEO David Thodey has resigned his position at Australia’s largest telco and will be replaced by CFO Andrew Penn. Under Thodey’s leadership, the company’s market cap has doubled in the last five years to over $80 billion. Thodey brought stability and credibility back to the company, following its

WHICH 50 : Half the world’s banks could disappear, and most of the branches Banks have three to five years to get their digital act together before they enter a spiral of decline, according to a paper by McKinsey & Company. This view was echoed by BBVA chairman and CEO

WHICH 50 : Digital transformation simply manifests the real board priority – managing change “The elephant needs to learn to dance” says Telstra non executive director Steve Vamos about the need of directors, managers and employees to adapt the new market realities.  He and other corporate leaders Which-50 spoke to

Cloud based ERP vendors has appointed Lee Thompson as its Senior Vice President and GM, Asia Pacific & Japan. In the role, Thompson takes over an organisation with more than 1,000 employees in the region. He brings more than 20 years of sales leadership experience to NetSuite, having worked previously for