Customers want consolidation, Oracle CEO Mark Hurd tells Which-50. And they are likely to get plenty of it for some time yet as companies like Oracle, Adobe and Salesforce jockey for leadership in the rapidly emerging marketing cloud space. The marketing tech sector saw a wave of rapid and ever-escalating

The next generation of family business owners remain pessimistic about the digital progress of their inheritance, with less than half feeling their company strategies are fit for digital purpose. That is a key finding from PWC’s global Next Generation family business survey. The 2016 survey returned to the earlier participants of its

Everyone has heard of IT projects that go “off the rails” and massively exceed budget, timeline or — in extreme cases — don’t deliver anything of value. A common reason why this can happen is that too much time is allowed to pass between major check points or deliverables. Fortunately, digital

Southern Cross Austereo’s chief digital officer, Vijay Solanki, is leaving the network as his main objective is finished. In an internal memo to staff Friday afternoon, CEO Grant Blackley outlined the company’s digital direction, saying it was on track, and announced Solanki’s departure. Blackley cited numerous developments the media network

Let’s start with a reality check. The average age of board members of most established, non-technology businesses is far higher than the general population’s average age (and still far more likely to be male than female). In fact, on ASX200 boards in 2015, more than half of directors are aged

MediaCom’s new(ish) CEO Sean Seamer believes creative agencies whose bread and butter business is expensive 30-second TVCs have a grim future in this tech-centric, data-heavy mobile world. The problem, Seamer told advertisng industry magazine B&T in a wide-ranging interview, is that there’s simply no margin in making costly ads for

Almost half of the companies surveyed for a global study on the impact of digital disruption believe the majority of their revenues well be digital-dependent by 2020. Yet most lack confidence that their own organisations are equipped for the challenge. The study, sponsored by global leader in executive search Odgers

Digital leaders are carving up the frontiers. Industries, companies and even individuals who strike out onto the edges of the digital frontier are capturing a disproportion share of gains according to research by management consultants McKinsey and Company. The study based on US data also found that despite two decades

Change is never easy and always disruptive. And when that change is overlayed with the impact of digital disruption, it is beholden upon company leaders to understand the serious and significant potential pitfalls. This column is the fifth part of an eight-part series. Download the full digital disruption series By Malcolm

Digital leaders have mastered the ability to operate at genuine scale while not sacrificing agility, according to management thinkers at Bain. A paper called “Anatomy of a digital forerunner”, written by Elizabeth Spaulding, Sarah Dey Burton and Greg Caimi, argues “Business and retail customers alike have come to expect a smooth, omnichannel