China is looking more and more like an accelerating demon in contemporary commerce. Aside from all the obvious characteristics, its embrace of Singapore-styled capitalism is becoming almost theatrical in its breadth. We noted earlier the big bet placed by China’s telecom regulators in creating space for a local mobile phone

MuleSoft has appointed Jonathan Stern as its Vice President for Australia and New Zealand. Stern will report to Will Bosma, Vice President for Asia Pacific. Based in Sydney, Stern brings more than 20 years of IT industry experience in regional management and sales leadership, working across data and application integration, analytics,

  Altimeter’s latest digital transformation report, shock treatment for Telcos, and the BBC’s plans to invest in digital transformation are among the hot topics in the social streams in our latest digital transformation Chatter Report. The importance of mobility in transformation programs also rated highly. Each weekday the KINSHIP digital/Which-50

The digital era isn’t coming, and it’s not just getting started. From a technology perspective it is fully established, with roots that extend back to the middle of the twentieth century, and a future that extends as far as anyone today can imagine. Ongoing advances regularly remind us that the

Alarms must be going off in the world’s financial districts, because it’s now clear that digital disruption is imminent. You can tell, because advice is flowing like the water over Victoria Falls. McKinsey has published the first of a three-part starter that says about 30 per cent of typical bank

Culture is frequently a topic of conversation when it comes to digital disruption. Often this has been an excuse for what we might call the My Lai principle: we must destroy the village in order to save it. Boards and CEOs reach readily for consultants. Consultants often come up with

Do technology leaders truly have the power to truly drive innovation, or merely talk about it? Seventy-seven percent of technology leaders see greater innovation potential than ever before, according to this year’s 2014 Harvey Nash CIO Survey. But how many describe their company’s innovation potential as actually being realised? A

You would think that a sharp rise in engagement from CEOs would correlate with greater certainty, focus and skin-in-the game behaviour around digital priorities. But it appears not. A new McKinsey piece on the management view of digital strategy suggests that the wheels are spinning, but not much rubber has

The enigmatic digital concerns of news publishers have emerged for financiers. They face the stress of deciding which of their established operations are sustainable in the market of digital consumers. They have to act to head off new competition. And they have to maintain profitability (and, incidentally, their bonuses). Unlike

  Customers won’t wait for you to catch up. If anything, the pollination of customer experiences across industry boundaries is simply magnifying customer expectations. That’s why companies today need to be agile, and able to innovate quickly. Digital disruption may be capturing the headlines and exercising the minds of management