Ski 2,600km in 110 days across Antarctica. Could you even contemplate the pure mental strength that would require? Two doctors, one Australian, one New Zealander, will attempt something no person has ever accomplished. Gareth Andrews and Richard Stephenson launched a $250,000 Kickstarter fundraise with the backing of the Australian British

Brands around the world understand the power of automation. While it can be immensely powerful in changing the landscape of a business, getting the implementation right to ensure maximum efficiency is a key consideration for today’s corporate leaders. We recently spoke with Heather Cook, Vice President for Asia Pacific at

Think you’re doing a great job managing? Think again. Australia’s managers consistently overrate both their own — and their organisation’s — efficacy at engaging and recognising the value of employees, according to a new study commissioned by Achievers, a provider of employee recognition software which gives insights on how to

The reverberations of the pandemic continue to be felt across our lives, from our wallets to our workplace. In a recent consumer survey by customer engagement software firm Freshworks of more than 10,500 customers from 10 countries, their research uncovered some favourable trends for Aussies when compared to their global

  One in four pregnancies end in miscarriage, yet many families are often left suffering in silence in their workplace.  Market darling Zip Co has announced a Miscarriage Bereavement Policy to not only provide support to employees who have or whose partner has experienced a miscarriage, but to generate a

  According to Anna Buber-Farovich, Chief People & Culture Officer at Zip Co, HR has undergone a transformation in Australia in recent years. She highlights a shift in leadership and “people practices” from a style that was once transactional in nature to now embedding HR into the core practices of

Team silouette

Computer scientists and programmers often have strong opinions on the value of embedded code and integration vs. interface approaches. Frankly, that conversation is beyond me. I might say something accurate about the pros and cons, but I’m just as likely (or more) to be wrong. But that is not where

As the generational divide grows wider, leadership styles are undergoing a transformation.  The ability to achieve desired results from a team comes down to effective leadership. And according to Jason Price, ANZ VP and General Manager of IBM, it is a “humanistic” approach that will help leaders better understand their

In a world of accelerating change, where organisations strive to build high-performing teams to deliver that winning edge, at what point does the desire for success give way to a toxic win-at-all-costs culture? One that treats staff as little more than expendable business inputs, as opposed to the genuine core

  It is the responsibility of any organisation working with vulnerable communities, like children, aged care or the disabled to ensure that they are safe, and protected from harm. However according to Claire Rogers, the CEO of the verification platform Oho, after completing all the checks and balances upon hiring