Southeast Asian online marketplace Lazada, owned by Alibaba, is joining forces with Uber and Netflix to launch a new digital loyalty program in Singapore.

The membership program, LiveUp, gives members access to rewards and discounts on online shopping, food delivery and Uber rides, as well as a free 6-month Netflix subscription.

“Singapore consumers are ahead in embracing online activities like shopping, ridesharing, food delivery and entertainment services as a way of life and LiveUp celebrates that. Lazada is thrilled to have like-minded partners RedMart, Netflix, Uber and UberEats onboard to bring together a spectrum of lifestyle benefits for savvy Singapore shoppers to enjoy,” said Alexis Lanternier, CEO, Lazada Singapore.

To encourage consumers to experience the value of the program, LiveUp is offering a 60-day free trial when they sign up now, subsequently, the program is offered at $28.80, a 50 per cent savings off its regular fee.

Members will have access to:

  • Uber VIP access (including free rides up to SG$10, early access to stunts, events and promotions, as well as enjoying top-rated drivers in the newest vehicles)
  • Free delivery rebates with UberEats
  • 10 per cent rebate storewide at Lazada and always free, faster shipping including from its recently launched Taobao Collection
  • 5 per cent rebate on every order from RedMart
  • Gift subscription of six months of Netflix

Since launching in Singapore four years ago Uber has expanded its coverage to include UberEats.

“We’re excited to partner with Lazada and RedMart; this is just the beginning and we look forward to working together on other collaborations throughout the SEA region,” said Warren Tseng, General Manager, Uber Singapore.

Southeast Asia is becoming increasingly important for online retailers. With key markets like Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore, the region has over 242 million online individuals (43 per cent of the total population), according to Forrester.

Alibaba expanded in Southeast Asia with a $1 billion Lazada deal, and Amazon is looking to expand here in 2017. While online retail penetration is currently small, Forrester expects the influence of online content on purchasing behaviour to increase rapidly and smartphones will be the driving force behind the ecommerce market in these countries.

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