The weekend proved a mixed bag for the Limbonauts — the Overwatch team won their grand final, but the Paladins team disbanded. Meanwhile, everything is in place for the launch of the Paladins Oceanic Pro League. Each day we will update readers on the progress, regress, and distress of launching the Limbonauts esports organisation, along with the process of bringing a Paladins league to Australia.

The Paladins team disbanded. That’s not good, but at the same time it’s not bad, and we will probably pick up another team. We will use our contacts to see if there’s a team out there that doesn’t have an Org and try get them interested in joining us. It starts small. We can offer them support with graphics and with social media coverage. Once the League gets a bit bigger and there’s more money involved, we can do more. At that point we will pay for participation in the Lans.

The outlook for the Overwatch team is much better. The team won the grand final of the Ascent League. They smashed the other team and went 3-0. That most likely means they will be moving up a few leagues.

The League is building

The Paladins Oceanic Pro League is doing well. People are joining up and teams are forming. There are more organisations still looking to pick up teams. We are also encouraging Hi-Rez, the game publisher, to provide in-game currency for the 5th to 8th placed teams just so they get something. But so far we haven’t heard back.

Brand safety

We had a brand safety issue as well — there was an incident earlier today with a team that tried to join using a name that had racist implications. They even built a Twitter page with it. We were really clear with them and  said, “You can delete the Twitter and change your name immediately, or you will be banned from the League.”

We also explained that no Org would touch them while they had that name. That was pretty clear from the chat in Discord I had with the other Org owners. Anyway, they got the message pretty quickly.

Despite the hiccup, things are otherwise looking good on the League front.

We have a caster who goes by the name Mattse who is going to be doing the first three weeks. Then we have Gamestah jumping in and Mattse will actually be casting with Gamestah, so we will have two Paladins casters.

The competition will run once every week on a Tuesday starting at 7pm. There will be three weeks of qualifying and then finals in the fourth week. The top four teams share a small prize pool. We are using the Challonge site to help organise the tournament. There are currently 12 teams (we initially thought we might get eight).

Of those teams, six have Orgs. There was a 7th: ours! C’est la guerre.

It all kicks off tomorrow night.

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