Which-50 has closely tracked the merger of the worlds of advertising technology (AdTech) and marketing technology (MarTech) for several years now. This week, in collaboration with Adobe,  we launched a simple, plain language glossary to solve a common problem we have encountered consistently during that time. MarTech people often struggle with the language of AdTech and AdTech people often struggle with the lexicon of marketing technology.

To coincide with the launch of the glossary we are also providing one lucky reader with the opportunity to supercharge their technical expertise by joining us at one of the world’s most important marketing and advertising technology events – The Adobe Summit.

From now until November 30 we are running our #SendMeToSummit competition. Each day we will be sharing a new term and its definition and we want you to do the same. But your job is a little harder – you only get 120 characters along with the #SendMeToSummit hashtag. 

All these terms are in the glossary. Download it to help you frame your submission.

The terms from the glossary that we will share over the next five weeks are;

  • Ad Exchange
  • Ad Server
  • Content Management System
  • Demand Side Platform
  • Private Market Place
  • Programmatic Buying Unit
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Demand Side Platform
  • Private Market Place
  • Programmatic Buying Unit
  • Content Management System
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Algorithm
  • API
  • Tag Management System
  • Real-Time Bidding
  • SSP
  • Data Management Platform
  • User Experience
  • Viewability

To enter simply tweet your own 120 character definition of one of these terms or share your definition on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook with the #SendMeToSummit hashtag. Or you can email your definition to [email protected] Do this and you earn the chance to win a trip to the 2018 Adobe Summit in Las Vegas from March 25 to March 29 next year as a guest blogger for Which-50.

You can enter with definitions of as many of the terms as you like and each new entry gives you another chance to win.

And it is a great prize for anyone who wants to build their expertise in the worlds of marketing technology and advertising technology.

The winner will travel to the Adobe Summit with the Which-50 Editor-in-Chief as a Which-50 guest blogger on the Adobe Media tour, attend keynotes, press conferences, executive briefings and conference sessions along with all the other official and unofficial media activities.

This is a great opportunity to meet some of the best minds in the digital marketing ecosystem (no we don’t mean the other journalists and bloggers!) and to learn about the latest trends.

For more on the terms and conditions visit us here .

Get sharing and don’t forget to include the#SendMeToSummit hashtag!

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