Jens Monsees, who became CEO of digital transformation firm WPP AUNZ in October 2019, has stepped down from that role following the completion of a process that sees the AUNZ branch become a fully-integrated business within WPP globally. At the same time, WPP AUNZ has ceased listing on the ASX.

According to a statement from the company, a new WPP leader will be appointed and in the interim the business will be led by the agency brand leaders, supported by WPP AUNZ Chief Financial Officer Chris Rollinson and other members of the central team, through an executive committee chaired by WPP Chief Operating Officer Andrew Scott.

The tenure of Monsees was a turbulent one for a company specialising in digital transformation, as it overlapped almost perfectly with the disruption of COVID-19. Against that background, he led the company’s own transition plans, improving its capabilities in data and customer experience.

Mark Read, CEO of WPP, said “We have fantastic agency brands in Australia and New Zealand — which are among our most important global markets — and we are very excited about their potential to grow and to meet the needs of our clients in a fast-changing world.

“I would like to thank Jens for his dedication and all he has done for WPP AUNZ, and the wider WPP family.”

Monsees said that “I am leaving many great colleagues behind. The strategic progress we accomplished and the strong financial turnaround we achieved are testament to the great collaboration of our people across the business and their ongoing commitment to serving our clients.”

This region represents one of WPP’s biggest markets, accounting for more than $A640 million in revenue and employing almost 4000 people.

The company itself is emblematic of the concept of business transformation. Known primarily these days for its prowess in marketing technology, it started out as a manufacturer of shopping baskets. True story — WPP stood for “Wire and Plastic Products”.

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