The pace of the hyper connected world is set to exponentially accelerate with the introduction of pervasive 5G networks and Wi-Fi six enabling unprecedented bandwidth possibilities as connectivity and digital transformation moves beyond humans and devices to the realm of machine-to-machine.

Addressing the audience at Cisco Live in Melbourne, Irving Tan, senior vice president for operations at Cisco said the introduction of 5G and Wi-Fi six will bring the dream of driverless cars to life because vehicles will be able to both communicate to each other and with the traffic infrastructure around them to deliver on the promise of autonomous vehicles.

The enhanced capabilities of 5G over existing 4G include higher data rates delivering up to 100 times greater speed, increased data volumes up to 1000 times greater than 4G and the enablement of mobile edge computing that analyses data analysis in real-time.

While the initial thrust for 5G monetisation was towards consumers, it’s shifting towards B2B.

Irving Tan, SVP – operations, Cisco

According to Cisco most global mobile operators say they believe the new revenues will come from B2B and B2C enterprises and this new revenue will be based on the expansion of industry verticals such as the manufacturing, medical and agricultural sectors.

Tan said 5G together with Wi-Fi six has the possibility to transform healthcare by delivering remote surgery through the use of robotics.

Furthermore, Tan said surgeons would be able to be trained using virtual reality feedback technology to practice surgery in a virtual environment where in the past cadavers were used in surgeon training.

In Australia, Tan pointed to the agricultural sector benefitting from 5G and Wi-Fi six capabilities, predicting that drones using sensor technologies are set to to help farmers drive better yield from crops.

 “At Cisco we are very committed that 5G and Wi-Fi six will not only deliver unprecedented opportunity but for it to have the economics to reach a large-scale implementation,” Tan said. 

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