Introducing Which-50 Magazine

Just ask a taxi driver. When Which-50 first turned the lens on digital transformation three years ago the level of genuine investment in most large incumbent organisations was parsimonious at best. If digital captured much attention at all it tended to be in areas such as cyber security or brand risk across social media channels.

That makes the topic of digital transformation, which has rapidly moved from the ramblings of wide eyed revolutionaries to mainstream business thought, the perfect topic for the launch edition of Which-50 Magazine.

The idea that local banks could see a third of their profits contested by insurgent fintechs or alternative lenders, or that large incumbent retailers might face an existential threat from Chinese ecommerce providers was viewed as fanciful by company leaders and owners.

Not any more.

Each month Which-50 will deep dive into a single transformational theme and bring you the insights and experience of some of the world’s leading practitioners and thinkers in the digital world.

Which-50 Magazine

In our inaugural edition we interview Capgemini’s Dr Didier Bonnet, who leads that company’s global digital practice and who, along with his peers Andrew McAfee and George Westerman at MIT first belled the cat on the transformational tardiness of global incumbents in their 2014 book Leading Digital.

We also provide insights from Gartner, McKinsey and others.