Internet of Things

The world, it seems, is growing increasingly skeptical of the stuttering revolution of the Internet of Things. The latest round of doubt has been ignited by Alphabet’s Nest’s decision to shut down any further support for its recently purchased Revolv smart home hub. The hub is a relatively expensive (US

New digital business models are essential for incumbent market leaders looking to leverage their asset base in rapidly changing markets. To that end, two blue chip mobility and digital plays were revealed in the US this weekend. The New York Times has purchased digital marketing agency HelloSociety from Science Inc.,

Digital technology that connects machines, data and people is the oil and gas sector’s best bet to optimise performance and processes, safely and securely, across the full value chain. That’s the view of GE Oil and Gas CEO Lorenzo Simonelli, expressed in an open letter to clients on the company’s

By 2020 there will be 5.6 billion mobile subscriptions in the world — almost three quarters of the projected global population. The figures are contained in a study by GSMA Intelligence. However, the study’s authors also say unique subscriber growth is expected to slow over this period compared to previous years,

The internet of things will disrupt global insurance markets according to Accenture. The management consulting firm says “Insurers will need to dramatically reshape their business model, combining insurance with technology, ecosystem services and partners.” According to the company the IoT is driving a connected, as-a-service economy, and forcing change upon the sector. For